The Good Catholic

Playwright: Eric Bentley

Director: Eric Bentley

Cast: Jean Baker, Edward Horton, Herbert Berghof, Will Lee, James Broderick, Stephen Levi, James Cahill, Patrick McVey, Frederick Corke, Edward Morehouse, Howard Dewitt, Jess Osuna, Richard Frey, William Packard, Edward Garrabrandt, Rik Pierce, Franc Geraci and Brandwell Teuscher

Lighting: Patrika Brown Production Manager: Marlene Mancini Music Selected and Played by: Jon Cole Production Assistants: Fred Bauer, Antonio Canal, Pennie duPont, Richard Frey, Yvette McNally and Andre Sedriks

The Good Catholic was performed September 20th – 22nd of the year 1968.