The Gulf of Crimson

Playwright: Stephen Levi

Director: Stephen Levi

Cast: Kathleen Coyne, Deborah White, James Barron, Robert Crest, Jeanne Kaplan, Alice Spivak, Patrick McVey, Michael Holmes

HB Studio - The Gulf of Crimson

Designer: Charles D. Tomlinson Lighting Designer: Peggy Clark Costumes: Lyn Carroll Stage Manager: Andy Rasbury Assistant to Mr. Levi: Deidre Donovan House Manager: Richard Frey Lighting Technician: Rowanne Gilman Program Designer: Carol Badger

Cherry Soda Water was performed May 20th- May 31st.


After a day of work, a voluptuous prostitute searches for her 14 year old daughter Cherry. She finds a glowing case of cherry soda water on her front steps, a sign that her love has returned from the sea full of passion and tall tales. The exuberant Irish sailor wants to meet the daughter he has never seen, but she insists he settle down to become a husband and father before she will let him near Cherry. He can’t pay this price; he has one more voyage to complete before he dies at sea. This powerful love story is full of vitality. Published with Cherry and Little Banjo and Red Roses for My Lady in Cherry Soda Water.