The Night Seasons

Playwright: Josie Weems

Director: Herbert Berghof

Cast: Barbara Coggin, Birdie M. Hale, Deborah Hedwall, Patricia Lindley, Brandwell Teuscher, William Traylor, Rochelle Oliver, Bill Wiley, Rose Gregorio, Richard Cottrell, Jess Osuna, Ted Pejovich, Hal Holden and Andrew Lerner

Costumes: Patricia Adshead Lighting: Jeff Davis Production Manager: Marlene Mancini Stage Managers: Timothy Farmer and Susan Essman Technical Director: Timothy Farmer Master Carpenter: Sam Cousins Lighting Technician: Lisa Miller Sound Technician: Andrew Lerner Assistant Stage Manager: George Goldsborough Production Assistant: Corrina Ponto Properties: Susan Essman Musical Advisor and Pianist: Jim Litt

The Night Seasons was performed February 18th – 22nd of the year 1978.


Set in Harrison, Texas, the play moves back and forth through time, following the events of the Weems family as they try to find their place in the world. Unable to stand up against his wife, Mr. Weems, a banker, saves money for his daughter, Laura Lee, to do as she pleases. However, with no control over her own finances, Laura Lee finds her chances for independence constantly thwarted by her father, mother and brother.