The Writing on the Wall

An HB Studio Performance

Playwright: Ed Napier The Writing on the Wall - HB Studio

Director: Randal Myler

Cast: Victor Villar-Hauser, Stephen Mailer, Robert Sedgwick, Joseph Urla, Robert Walden

Lighting Design: Brian Nason Stage Manager: Jennifer Campos Assistant Director: Zar Kazemi Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Production Manager: Shiraz Biggie

The Writing on the Wall was performed May 18th – 25th, 2007

Synopsis: It’s said that Hollywood is the only place where your friends don’t stab you in the back… they stab you in the face. And that’s just what happens to TV writer Nelson when his latest work gets tangled up in a power struggle between his boss and the star of the show. A dark comedy about trying to hold on to friendship, loyalty, and honor.