The Young Strangers

Playwright: Irene Kamp

Director: Herbert Berghof

Cast: Richard Mawe, Mark Houghton, Melissa Shaw, David Troup, Gregory Mitchell, Sally Burtenshaw, Patricia O’ Grady, James LaChere, Tom Lees, Danette Pachtner, Francesca Ferrara, Becky Chapple

Set Design: Hal Design Special Paintings: Kathe Berl Lighting: Rachel Bickel Costume: Anna Hill Johnstone Assistant Costume Designer: Lydia Hamza Production Manager: Marlene Mancini Technical Director: Steven Cook Stage Managers: Danette Pachtner, Catherine Grandigo Assistant Stage Managers: Tom Lees, Francesca Ferrara Electrician: Robert Fleri Sound: Savannah Hadler Assistants: Pat Butters, Tia Carrere  Poster: Linda Pasteuing

The Young Strangers were performed May 22nd – June 2nd