Playwright: Horton Foote

Director: Herbert Berghoff

Cast: Edward Anthony, Franc Geraci, Olga Bellin, Michael Holmes, Oliver Berg, Susan Kornzweig, Kenneth Bridges, Richard McConnell, Marlene Mancini, Leigh Burch, Thomas McCready, Michael Corder, Carol Pearce, Robert Duvall, Brooks Rogers, Romulus Linney, Dorothy Farrell, Jean Francis, Naomi Riordan, Richard Frey, Emma Rossi and Andre Sedriks

Designer: Philip Lerman Costume Designer: Sherry Amott and Whitney Blausen Lighting Designer: Anthony Quintavalla Special Props: Kathe Berl Lighting Technician: Howard Golstein Assistant Stage Manger: John Bettencourt Production Assistants: Whitney Blausen, Vernon Yates, Adrianne Despot, Nicole Rude, Richard Frey, Andre Sedriks, Eve De Kramer, Frank Crocitto, William Freedman and Carol Badger

Tomorrow was performed April 15th – May 4th of the year 1968.


In 1930s Mississippi, lonely Jackson Fentry (Robert Duvall) lives by himself as the sole caretaker of a sawmill. One day, close to the property, he discovers a young woman, Sarah Eubanks (Olga Bellin), who is three months pregnant. Since she was abandoned by both her husband and her family, Jackson takes her in. The two fall in love and get married just before her death. Jackson raises the child as his own, until the boy’s uncles arrive to demand he be returned to the family.