Audition Technique (Jermaine Rowe)

Presented by: Jermaine Rowe 

Held in-person (review in-person requirements): 

In this five-week workshop, we will focus on the skills necessary for a successful audition. Actors will prepare and present weekly monologues and be introduced to cold readings, preparing sides, and learning how to work with a reader.  Emphasis will be placed on how best to stand out in an audition setting.

Jermaine Rowe‘s Broadway credits include THE LION KING and FELA. He recently premiered his solo show TRANSITIONS at the 30th Anniversary of the Spark Theatre Festival in New York City, and his recent role Mlima in Lynn Nottage’s MLIMAS TALE won him the CT Circle Award for Acting (Westport Country Playhouse). Read more…

Acting Intensive with playwright José Rivera & choreographer Sara Koviak

Presented by: Jose Rivera and Sara Koviak

Held in-person (review in-person requirements): 

One of America’s foremost playwrights and screenwriters, multiple-award winner José Rivera is offering an intensive 3-day workshop with his long-time artistic partner, actress, choreographer, and award winning producer Sara Koviak.  Dive into the magic realism of José’s socially-conscious work, gain critical insights into his writing process and acclaimed artistic collaboration with Sara, explore the challenges of performing scenes of your choosing from MARISOL, CLOUD TECTONICS, REFERENCES TO SALVADOR DALI MAKE ME HOT, SONNETS FOR AN OLD CENTURY, and more, and benefit from nearly 40 years personal experience navigating the tricky and rewarding worlds of professional theatre, television, and film.  We can even talk about walking the red carpet at the Oscars.

Physical Comedy (Charlotte Bydwell)

Presented by Charlotte Bydwell

Held in person (review requirements for in-person activity)

Join choreographer, actor and experienced physical comedienne Charlotte Bydwell for five weeks of tips & tricks aimed at sharpening, specifying and spicing up your comedic work. Explore the use of time, space and physical posturing to nail your punchlines, embody larger-than-life characters and hone your comedic instincts as an actor. Learn to generate physical choices from a place of joy and fun, while also getting really specific about the demands and style of the text. This workshop should leave you excited about all the ways your traditional acting work (who, what, where, why, when…) can serve you to craft unique, truthful and repeatable moments of physical comedy.

Whether you’re looking to improve your self-tapes/in-person auditions or to feel more excited about the choices you bring into a rehearsal room, this workshop is sure to connect you to the funny that is innately and wonderfully YOURS. Leave the room with renewed confidence in your body’s impulses, in your personal humor barometer and in your ability to get laughs by reacting honestly (and fully) to imaginary circumstances.

Charlotte’s workshops are aimed at inviting the actor’s body into the early stages of their exploration, so they can be viscerally engaged and in a state of action from the very beginning. All the tools are designed to be immediately useful to you in the practice of your craft. Learn something today, and use it on a self-tape tomorrow.

NOTE: No preparation is required in advance of this workshop. For the second session, participants should have a piece of comedic text on hand that they are interested in exploring physically (either memorized or easily accessible via a phone/tablet or a hard copy). It can be text from an upcoming/past audition, a monologue, chunks of material from a current project or just something you’ve always admired from afar.