The Shewing-Up of Blanco Posnet

An HB Production

Playwright: George Bernard Shaw

Director: Francesco Zerlenga

Cast: Linda Sue, Thea D’ Alvia, Alice McLane, Katharine Cullison, Elizabeth Yager, Ann Day, Aurora Kaschner, Jess Osuna, Richard Mawe, Steven Douglas Cook, Rudy Mella, Sally Burtenshaw, Jean-Paul Moreau, Stanley Taub, Gilbert Ron, Peter Gaitens, Christian Arin, Noel O’Neill, Timothy McCall, Caterina Xiroyanni

(Costumes): Anna Hill Johnstone (Set): Hal Tine (Lighting): Howell Binkley (Production Manager): Marlene Mancini (Technical Director): Steven Douglas Cook (Costume Assistant): Lydia Hamza (Director’s Assistant): Andrea Grover (Stage Manager): Scott Kuchak (Assistant Stage Managers): Ann Day, Rudy Mella (Electrician): Meg Ryan (Sound): Michelle von Rheinhardt (Wardrobe): Therese Traber (Poster): Diana Perez

The Shewing-Up of Blanco Posnet was performed March 14th through March 26th, 1990

Synopsis: The author describes the play as a religious tract in dramatic form. Blanco Posnet, the protagonist is wrongfully accused of horse-theft and sentenced to be hanged. By great good-fortune he is rescued by the testimony of a female witness, Feemy—the local harlot—for whom he has uncharacteristically performed an act of charity. His exoneration is spiritually transforming: His status changes abruptly from pariah to pillar of the community. He does not marry Feemy, but shakes hands with her before they part.

K On K

Director: Marlene Mancini

Angel Designer: Kathe Berl

Lighting: Greg Macpherson

Costumes: Lydia Hamza

Design Assistant: Tony Mancini

Design Consultant: Lester Polakov

Stage Managers: Mitzi Leone, Heidi Hemingway Bendrat

Assistant Stage Managers: Michelle Payne, Celeste Anderson

Production Electricians: Mary Cary, Rebecca Nestor, Leila Mansury

Sound Technician: Peter Coston

Poster Designer: Robert Fleri

K on K was performed August 22nd – 30th

Animal Lovers

Playwright: Donna de Matteo

Director: Herbert Berghof

Cast: Barbara Coggin, Jess Osuna, Earle Hyman, Edward Morehouse, Martha Schlamme, William Hickey, Deborah Hedwall, Lily Lodge, Peter Dalto and Walden Banks

Set: Lester Polakov Lighting: James Singelis Costumes: Robert Pusilo Production Manager: Marlene Mancini Stage Manager: Mara Lynn Assistant Stage Manager: Elissa Napolin Technical Director: David H. Murdock Setting Painted: Wendy Keagy Design Assistance: Martha Voutas Production Electrician: Julia McLaughlin Production Assistants: Timothy Silver, Ellen Savette and Linet Henry Carpenter: John Pohlman House Manager: Patricia French Assistant House Manager: Ellen Savette Hospitality: Vanessa French and Rena Stavrolakes Poster: Martha Voutas

Animals Lovers was performed June 21st – 30th of the year 1977.