Testimonial – Anon2

My experience so far in this program has been life changing, not only as an actor but as a person in my everyday life.

Testimonial – Anon1

I think every aspect of the program is useful in some incredible way and I wouldn’t change it much. I’ve learned things I didn’t realize I never knew and have grown not only as an actor but as a person.

Testimonial – Juan Pablo Di Pace

I wanted to write to you to say that I am most appreciative of having had the opportunity to study with Mr. Edward Morehouse at the HB Summer Intensive last year. If it wasn’t for him, I would not be doing this show today. At HB I was able to…explore the importance of using what’s already inside to bring it to the work on stage. Thanks to that work, I wrote and produced this show in Madrid, and audiences seem to respond. Mr. Morehouse suggested last year that I do a cabaret show, and today we are looking at a full theatre, and a lovely nomination…I am very grateful to everyone there, Marion McCorry also, who is a wonderful teacher. I recommend the Summer Intensive to anyone who is a professional and wants to continue researching and learning about the craft, and to anyone who still dreams and has illusions.

Testimonial – Karen Huie

HB is where I studied for four years before Naomi Reardon edged me out of the nest to audition. “You’re not here to be a professional student”, she chided me many years ago. I’ve enjoyed a full career and about three years ago came back and took Eric Michael Gillett’s Monologue Workshop and loved it. Last summer I took a slew of summer classes. I love being back at HB. While each instructor and class I took was precious to me, Eric Michael’s monologue class as well as his Auditioning for Musical Theatre class were invaluable.

A monologue, like a song, as you know, is a calling card. EMG is so well-read and astute at finding monologues to suit personalities as well as acting skills. His work with each of us is like a private coaching session. That fellow students get to watch the process is invaluable to our own work. He’s always encouraging and finds ways of communicating economically and succinctly to each actor. We see actor after actor blossom with each note. Not a little. Hugely.

EMG arms us with an audition monologue to get us work. To show us to our best advantage. Because he works as much as he does, he’s aware of not only how things are done in the industry, but who does what how. That’s pretty valuable to an actor.

What I’ve always loved about HB is Uta and Herbert’s mission-to have an affordable acting studio in the community to be taught by working professionals. I think this is the heart that motivates actors and working professionals trained here, to come back and give back. I don’t know if EMG was trained at HB but if he wasn’t, you couldn’t tell he is not of this heart and mind.

Because there are only three sessions, EMG starts right in and doesn’t quit until the last actor has worked. He is mindful to share what he knows we need to know to do our best in the industry. The session that just ended was quite full. Every single actor was committed, prepared and ready to work. With more sessions, the workshop could accomplish so much more. With three sessions, most actors could only do one monologue twice and attempt a second one in the last session. Imagine how many we could work on and with growing efficiency if there were four or six sessions! If that’s not possible and it stays at three sessions, I will be back. Again and again. I thank you for having the workshop and for having EMG lead it!