Rehearsal Residency: MEMORY HOME, Created by Zoe Lasden-Lyman and Allison Plamondon

You enter from the street. A nurse in black gives you a name tag with an unfamiliar name. She says: “Don’t speak anymore.” She brings you to a room in Memory Home. She asks you to wait, says: “You are safe. You are home. You are loved,” and leaves you alone. There’s a door left ajar to an adjacent room. Unobserved, you watch the director speaking to an unseen audience: your family. She thanks them for entrusting Memory Home with you, their loved one with dementia. An immersive play.
Public showings: May 11 & 12, 2019 @ 7PM and 9PM | RSVP

Every fall HB Studio invites theater artists and playwrights to apply for The HB Rehearsal Space Residency, which provides access to free rehearsal space for the development of new work. Recipients are asked to offer a minimum of two public presentations of their work in process. These presentations may range from a seated reading, to a full dress rehearsal, and they are intended to provide the recipients the opportunity to interact with the HB community and receive valuable feedback on their work in process.

New York State Council of the Arts