The Jack and Julie Project, a collaborative staged reading of selected ten minute plays written by the students of Julie McKee and directed by the students of Jack Hofsiss, is

Evening of Monday, October 13 | HB Studio

To schedule an audition slot, please submit headshot and resume to the play’s director.

Evenings of Friday & Saturday, November 21 & 22 | HB Playwrights Theatre

(Please submit to the play’s director)

Hungry Ghosts
By Zoe Lasden-Lyman, Directed By Jennifer Bond
An unnatural blizzard has sent NYC into lockdown and a pair of online lovers into an ominous first encounter.
Woman-(20’s-30’s) Guarded. Intellectual. Tortured. Can look fragile. Hungry for companionship.
Man-(20’s-30’s) Virile. Impulsive. Cocky. Can look intimidating. Hungry for sex.
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The Mechanics of Love
By Rebecca Rian, Directed By Craig Perkins
Relationship struggle between father and son
Steven-(17) smart, sensitive boy
Father-(45) masculine, blue collar guy
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Murderess in the Cathedral
By Elizabeth Nichols, Directed By Jane L. Watson
In this comedy, Lena’s morals are tested when Judy asks for help to kill her mother-in-law.
Judy-(65) A kind, loving wife and good protestant who is anxious about her future.
Lena-(64) A vivacious, ambitious parishioner who loves gossip and attention.
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Quest in the West
By Richard Elder Adams, Directed By Ryan Pointer
Candy returns to Spearfish, SD for a visit with Daddy on his small ranch. Her quest is to discover why Mama left them four years ago.
Candice (aka Candy)- (24) Originally a small town country girl, now a Columbia law student in search of answers to a buried secret.
Daddy-(52) Sun up to sun down rancher in S. Dakota.
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Surprise, Surprise
By Lora Danly, Directed By Laura Alexander
Susan tries to decide if she should leave her cheating girlfriend when an unexpected baby reveals her accidental one night stand with her best friend Paul.
Susan-(32) Lives with her girlfriend Anna
Paul-(32) Lives across the hall
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Human Thief
By Mayumi Lane, Directed By Mia Schachter
Due to the death of his father, David is moving out of his stepmom’s house to live with his biological mother.
David-(15) White or Latino. *Seeking actors btw 18-25 years of age
Molly-(42) David’s stepmom
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By Eileen Malone, Directed by Eleonore Dyl
A comedy about the frustration of having a romantic interest in someone and feeling powerless to make it happen.
Sophie-(early 20’s) Newspaper reporter. Perfectionist. Pretty, impatient, likes to take charge. Suffering from hair loss.
Dr Bronson-(30’s) Dermatologist. New to practice. Disorganized. Likes to take things slow. Handsome, gentle, grounded.
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Sh*t and the Stars
By Jim Broaddus, Directed By Kevin Costigan
A fractured look at an actor’s life, or: Why not me?
Deke-(30’s) an actor
Harold-(30’s) a stage manager
Cop-(20-30’s) a NYC policeman
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Here Come Dumb George
By Jane L. Watson
Directed By Keith McQuirter
George hosts a recording session for Van his young star and gets the revenge sessions.
George-(38) Music producer. Calculating strategist under pressure.
Van-(22) Cherubic musician and songwriter. Young man, old soul. *Must play acoustic guitar, or know some open chords at least.
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Goldfish and Gumbo
By Catherine Nance, Directed By Jillian Carucci
The preparation for an important political dinner is disrupted by the death of Mrs. Parker’s beloved goldfish.
Mrs. Parker-(40’s-60’s) Strong but eccentric, with a firecracker personality. She has no family left except for her live in maid. Well dressed and socially affluent.
Missy-(20’s-30’s) Mrs. Parker’s overwhelmed live in maid. She is not well educated, but has common sense and speaks her mind.
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