The Jack & Julie Project

JJ-11-14_timeA collaborative staged reading of selected 10 minute plays from the students of Julie McKee, directed by the students of Jack Hofsiss.

Friday & Saturday | November 21 & 22, 8pm
HB Playwrights Theatre, 124 Bank Street
Free! First come, first served


Quest in the West
By Richard Elder Adams
Directed by Heesuk Chae
with Nicole Henry & Robert Hickey

Sh*t and the Stars
By Jim Broaddus
Directed By Kevin Costigan
with Mike Roche, James Cottone & Nick DeSimone

By Eileen Malone
Directed by Eleonore Dyl
with Dominic Comperatore & Jill Wurzburg

Goldfish and Gumbo
By Catherine Nance
Directed By Jillian Carucci
with Tammy Clayton & Susan Romanoff

The Mechanics of Love
By Rebecca Rian
Directed By Laurent Wilson
with Derek Albert & Spencer Scott

Surprise, Surprise
By Lora Danley
Directed By Laura Alexander
with James Cottone & Hayley Barrett

Here Come Dumb George
By Jane L. Watson
Directed By Keith McQuirter
with Sam Parrott & Nick DeSimone

Human Thief
By Mayumi Lane
Directed By Mia Schachter
with Donna Svennevik & Byron O’Hanlon

Hungry Ghosts
By Zoe Lasden-Lyman
Directed By Jennifer Bond
with William Arvidson & Allison Plamondon

Murderess in the Cathedral
By Elizabeth Nichols
Directed By Jane L. Watson
with Mary Francina Golden & Debra Zane

With creative consultants Nikolay Sviridchik, Ashish Pant, Brian A. Kafel and Ronald Paul Greer