The J&J Project


A collaboration of the students of Jack Hofsiss and Julie McKee

jack_julie_final print

Monday, June 2nd, 8:00pm
First Floor Studio, HB Studio
120 Bank Street


Dinner For Two by Peter Klein
Directed by Kenneth Scott Thompson
with Robert Hickey and Mary Francina Golden

The Greater Good by Jane L. Watson
Directed by Jennifer Bond
with Donna Svennevik and Megan Leonard

Home by Zoe Lasden-Lyman
Directed by Craig Perkins
with Pat Clune and Maddie Harper-Smith

Into The Forest by Mayumi Lane
Directed by Stephan Schmidt
with Tara Moore and Nicholas Thomas

Caffeine Addicts Anonymous by Claire Torn
Directed by Veronica Barr
with Heather Gilbert and Jimmy Dailey

Just Dessert by John Mahoney
Directed by Laurent Wilson
with Jessica Bonder and Marshall Simon

Coffee and Murakami by Inna Tsyrlin
Directed by Alina Sokolova
with Yona Adika and Elisa Halma

Office Mate by Eileen Malone
Directed by Inna Tsyrlin
with John Desmond and Christina Carroll