Tiziana La Torre

1988, two days

I had the honor to stay personally with Herbert Berghof in the studio while he was teaching. My first day I went to watch one open lesson then I wanted to come back and stay for one full day so my second time he asked me when he saw me who i was and where i was coming from ,I had an accent ,so I explained him i was italian and i loved theatre so he asked me to perform on stage to show him what i was able to do so I played a monologue in italian from Luigi Pirandello it was the role of the daughter from six characters looking for an author.I finished and he said to me very well this is Pirandello! where are you studying? I told him and also I told him I was going back to italy so he answered me: well then I’m going to help you I will write a letter to the great director Giorgio Streheler in Italy to recommend you. So he wrote this letter to the great italian director. I still have a copy of that.In the future I met him in Milan- and then he started teaching again his lesson and I left him a wonderful bottle of white wine S. Margherita because I loved his talent and I was honored about what he said about me and the way he welcomed me even if I was in another studio I will never forget! thank you