Acting in Accent: Ukrainian & Russian


Held in-person

In this 5-session workshop for actors, you will explore the signature sounds and intonation patterns of Ukrainian and Russian accents when spoken in English.

Film, theater, and other media are certain to reflect current events. While producers and casting directors will seek native speakers of the language whenever possible, a prepared actor will be equipped to honor the voices of those who have lived these stories.

Topics explored include research and rehearsal techniques, finding freedom and flexibility, and the challenge of accessing emotional life while speaking in an unfamiliar way. All actors will work on a monologue of their choosing, as well as very short scenes.

Playwrights of Ukraine may include Natalya Norozhbit; Neda Nezhdana and first person accounts of the stories emerging from Ukraine. The tiny town of Anatevka is located Ukraine in Tevye and His Daughters, which is the source material for the musical, Fiddler on the Roof, so we will include the stories of Shalom Aleichem.

Plays calling for Russian accents may include Erika Sheffer’s Russian Transport; screenplays such as Black Widow, Rounders and Killing Eve; Ferenc Molnar’s The Guardsman, and more…

Fall Term 2022: Recommended for pairing with Approaching Accents in Fall Term Part A. Purchase both together for $15 off!