Approaching Accents

Presented by: Theresa McElwee

This is a workshop for actors who would like help in creating a systematic personalized approach to the acquisition of an accent or dialect. Topics include utilizing online tools for accent acquisition, the importance of cultural research, working with primary sources such as a dialect or accent “donor” and exploring the signature phonetic changes, intonation, prosody, and oral posture of one accent of your choosing. With deep curiosity as your primary tool, you will embark on the process of “listening with your mouth” as you seek to fully embody roles requiring accents.

Note: This class is appropriate for actors who speak English natively, but it is not appropriate for actors who are in the process of learning English as a second language.
Fall 2022: Recommended for pairing with Acting in Accent: Ukrainian & Russian in Fall Part B. Purchase both together for $15 off!