Andrade/Maize- Tectonic Theater: Moment Work Intensive

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Presented by: Pablo Andrade & Jimmy Maize

Pioneered by Moisés Kaufman, Moment Work is Tectonic Theater Project’s groundbreaking devising method that explores the theatrical potential of all the elements of the stage (props, sound, architecture, lights, costume, etc.) in order to create strong theatrical and dramatic narratives. Used to create seminal works like The Laramie Project, Moment Work encourages playwrights, directors, actors, and designers to collaborate on an investigation of the full narrative of the stage. This workshop is open to all artists who seek new ways of creating work and of reimagining existing texts.

Taught by Tectonic’s Moment Work Institute faculty members, Jimmy Maize and Pablo Andrade.

Participants must bring:*
– Light sources (NO live flames, but flashlights, pointer lights, or cell phones are acceptable)
– Interesting objects/props
– Some costume pieces and/or fabric
– Any kind of music and/or sound
– A short piece of text: we suggest a piece of found text (i.e., some prose, a fortune cookie, an instruction manual, a newspaper article, etc.) rather than something from a play.

*The props and costumes will be available for use by all participants in the workshop; therefore, do not bring anything that is fragile or has any significant monetary or emotional value. While the Tectonic Company Member will ask everyone to respect the items, we would hate for an accident to happen.