Directors New Play Lab


For emerging Directors. Turn your Vision into Reality on Stage at HB Studio’s Playwright Theatre and Create Your Directorial Vision. This Lab pairs directors with writers to collaborate on a scene from the writer’s full length play to be produced as a Staged Reading, under AEA Guidelines, at the HB Playwright’s Theatre.

Participation is free of charge.

Directors, to participate:

  • You must submit an application for approval prior to registering. Directors who have previously participated in at least TWO terms of Pat Golden’s Art of Directing course (I and II) may sign up below without applying.
  • In addition to In-Class Rehearsals, Directors and Playwrights are REQUIRED to SECURE REHEARSAL SPACE for REQUIRED OUTSIDE REHEARSALS
  • In addition to weekly Monday 2:30-5:30pm class sessions, Directors will be required to attend mandatory Casting sessions, Tech Rehearsals, and Performances, all to be scheduled TBD. This will be an additional 9-10 days in addition to weekly classes, outside rehearsals, and performances.

In this Lab, Directors will Learn to:

  • Develop Advanced Skills Required to Direct Actors
  • Explore Creative Staging – Advanced Blocking
  • Understand the Importance of Collaboration
  • Find Your Artistic Voice to communicate in Rehearsals
  • Implement Insights Practically and Creatively
  • Use the Tools gained in AoD I & II to Emotionally Affect Your Audience
  • Use Maximum Emotional and Visceral Power
  • Gain Clear Understanding of the Working Processes


  • Collaboration with the Playwright – What’s Important to the Writer?
  • What is Important to the Actor?
  • How to Work with the PSM and SM
  • How to Collaborate with the Producer – Who’s in Charge?

Performance, Tech Week, and Casting Call Schedule TBD.