New York Gives Day is today, Help HB Studio!


HB Studio


Did you know that HB Studio is a non-profit organization?

Many know that HB Studio is an artistic home created by theater artists, for theater artists. But many do not realize we are also a 501(c)3 non-profit organization!

This means that every dollar HB Studio earns through donations goes towards supporting a commercial-free space where each artist can explore and cultivate their own unique potential. 

Through the tax-deductible donations of our students, alumni, colleagues and dear friends, HB Studio is able to offer affordable classes, workshops, scholarships and an artistic home for theater artists in the heart of New York City.

All of this is only made possible through your generosity.

Today, Tuesday, November 29th, HB Studio is proudly participating in #NYGivesDay, a 24-hour online giving challenge. #NYGivesDay celebrates the transformational work of New York non-profits, which we are extremely proud to be a part of. Todayall donations to HB Studio for #NYGivesDay will support the HB Scholarship Fund, in tribute to the students who are the heart and soul of our mission.

Our founders never turned a student away because of their financial struggles. If you came to HB to follow your passion, the door was never closed to you. The HB Scholarship Fund exists to keep that commitment, and to support our belief that talent is a precious resource that should never be wasted.

gift to the HB Scholarship Fund lifts barriers to access and helps promising artists reach their full potential. It is a gift to the future of theater.

Our scholarship recipients are a diverse group of artists. Each year, we offer 150 students the chance to study on scholarship, but this represents only 5% of the artists we have studying here at HB. Help us grow this number! In an increasingly expensive city, through the HB Scholarship Fund we help:

  • Struggling actors get the support they need to start strong in a tough industry.
  • Life-long learners develop their artistic skills and creative projects.
  • Professional artists maintain and develop their craft.

The HB Scholarship Fund exists to bridge the gap between promise and possibility. But it is only through your help that we will continue to make that difference.

This #NYGivesDay, we ask you to remember when a remarkable performance has brought you understanding or delight. Please give the gift of opportunity to more HB students today and help this proud New York non-profit continue to support those possibilities.

Warm Regards,

Edith Meeks
Executive and Artistic Director

HB Studio is THRILLED to participate in #NYGivesDay on Tuesday November 29. #NYGivesDay celebrates the transformational work of New York non-profits. donations made to HB Studio for #NYGIVESDAY on November 29, 2016 will benefit the HB Scholarship Fund. Donate Today!