Behind the Throne

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Director: Alexander Harrington

Cast: J.B. Alexander, Lisa Barri*, Jim Broaddus, Judianny Compres, Antonietta Corvinelli, Guenevere Donohue, Rachel Errington, Trey Ervine, Sian Fiddimore, Domenica Galati*, Janine Hegarty, Austin Jones*, David Khouri, Cam Kornman*, Don Marlette*, Emir Music, R. David Robinson*, Judy Rosenblatt*, Audrey Stanfield, Mitch Tebo*, Kenneth Thompson, Ramon Olmos Torees, Sharon Wajswol

Technical Director: Giovanni Villari Lighting Design: Kia Rodgers Costume Design: Catherine Siracusa Stage Manager: AJ Dobbs* Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Office Manager: Susannah Robertson House Managers:Tracey Toth & Chandana Mahadeswaraswamy 

Behind the Throne was performed from June 7 to June 24 of the year 2012.


If you’re familiar with the works of Shakespeare, you probably know about his two mini series. War of roses tetralogy is broken up into a compilation of his obscure work, but from the women’s perspective.