The Wars of the Roses

An Ensemble Production

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Director: Austin PendletonThe War of the Roses - HB Studio

Cast: J.B. Alexander, Greg Anash, Lisa Barri*, Janice Bishop, Antonietta Corvinelli, Joseph DiSalle*, Guenevere Donohue, Trey Ervine, Domenica Galati*, Terry Gibson, John Hinds*, Robert Ierardi*, Oliver Lipton, Don Marlette*, Francis Mateo*, Orlando Rivera, R. David Robinson*, Judy Rosenblatt*, Mitch Tebo*, Kenneth Thompson, Jonathan Wiener.

*Members of Actors Equity Association

Set Design: Giovanni Villari Lighting Design:Alexander Bartenieff Costume Design: Catherine Siracusa & Sidney Levitt Technical Director & Production Stage Manager: AJ Dobbs* Stage Manager: Korrina Cragnotti Managing Director:Marlene Mancini Office Manager: Susannah Robertson.

The War of the Roses was performed on December 2 – December 20, 2012

Synopsis: The Wars of the Roses was a 1963 theatrical adaptation of William Shakespeare’s first historical tetralogy, which deals with the conflict between the House of Lancaster and the House of York over the throne of England.

What Happens Next

Playwright: Natalie Bates

Director: Peter Zinn & Marlene Mancini (The Game)

Cast: (Overnight) Dara O’Brien*, Kristen Vaughan (Always) Anne Kearns*, Eric Rasmussen*, Alisha Spielmann* (The Game) Barbara Bleier*, Billie Brouse, Myla Pitt*, Joan Porter*

Set Design: Giovanni Villari Lighting Design: Alexander Bartenieff Costume Design: Catherine Siracusa Technical Director & Production Stage Manager: AJ Dobbs* Stage Manager: Korrina Cragnotti Production Assistant: Tracey Toth Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Office Manager: Susannah Robertson

What Happens Next: An Evening of One Act Plays was performed on October 12 – October 30, 2012.


Three one-act plays in an SNL style with 2-4 actors performing each story. Overnight is the first act where two best friends talk about their feelings for eachother and reminiscing about her ex. The second act that follows is Always which focuses on an elderly woman who meets the ghost of her father going down their own memory lane to prove the point of the ghost. The last act is The Game where we follow two sisters getting ready for a game night with their friends while they gossiping.

Behind the Throne

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Director: Alexander Harrington

Cast: J.B. Alexander, Lisa Barri*, Jim Broaddus, Judianny Compres, Antonietta Corvinelli, Guenevere Donohue, Rachel Errington, Trey Ervine, Sian Fiddimore, Domenica Galati*, Janine Hegarty, Austin Jones*, David Khouri, Cam Kornman*, Don Marlette*, Emir Music, R. David Robinson*, Judy Rosenblatt*, Audrey Stanfield, Mitch Tebo*, Kenneth Thompson, Ramon Olmos Torees, Sharon Wajswol

Technical Director: Giovanni Villari Lighting Design: Kia Rodgers Costume Design: Catherine Siracusa Stage Manager: AJ Dobbs* Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Office Manager: Susannah Robertson House Managers:Tracey Toth & Chandana Mahadeswaraswamy 

Behind the Throne was performed from June 7 to June 24 of the year 2012.


If you’re familiar with the works of Shakespeare, you probably know about his two mini series. War of roses tetralogy is broken up into a compilation of his obscure work, but from the women’s perspective. 

The Bedroom Plays

A One Act Play Festival

Playwrights: Alan Ayckbourn

Directors: Giovanni Villari, Jessica Shotwell, Marlene Mancini, Catherine Siracusa, Adam Delia, Arthur French, Jason Jung, Jim Mendrinos, Michael Beckett, Dawn Sofia, Cynthia Eisemann, Rochelle Oliver

The Bedroom Plays - HB Studio


Cast: Jody Prusan*, John Payne*, Suzanne Limozinere, Rachel Benbow Murdy*, Catherine Zubkow, Chris Johnson*, Kimber Monroe*, Delia Bannon, Morgana Cragnotti, Marlene Mancini*, Eric Rasmussen*, Hector Felix, Misha Braun, Nick Hepsoe, Claude Jay*, Eric McMillen*, Paul Eisemann, Philip Kushner*, Arnie Mazer, Gina Stahlnecker*, Marion Le Coguic, John Montague, Olivia Buckley, Dara O’Brien, Margaret Ritchie*, Craig McNulty*, Oliver Lipton, Barbara Tabor*, Glenn Beatty, Patricia Parker*, Laurel Casillo, Katy Frame*

Technical Director: Giovanni Villari Lighting Design: Alexander Bartenieff Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Office Manager: Susannah Robertson Assistant Stage Managers: Tracey Toth & Chandana Mahadeswaraswamy


The Bedroom Plays: Ten Minute Play Festival was performed on April 9 – April 27 2012


Short a Man

Last Night


I Believe in Bloody Mary

Over Easy

A Room Forever

Self Examination

Darkness to Light

Beth and Ben


The Nutty Fella

Long Time Coming

Interrupted Bliss

What They Don’t Tell You

The War Trophy

Medal of Honor

Just Like Your Father

In Naked Time

The Edge of the Bed

The Old House

The Old House was performed as a Staged Reading in the 2010-11 season and a full production on February 8 – February 25, 2012

Playwright: Peter Coston

The Old House - HB StudioDirector: Laura Esterman

Cast: Joseph Prussak, Briana Pozner, Kathryn Danielle, Matthew Conlon, Sean Walsh, Julie Kline, Fukumi Kashiwagi, Tokio Sasaki, Joseph Foley

Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Technical Director: Giovanni Villari Office Manager: Christina Roussos

The Old House was performed October 14th – 15th, 2012

Synopsis: The Bauer family has lost their son, Raymond a soldier in World War II who are conflicted on whether or not build a statue in his honor in the new town the family has moved into. Should it be built in Middlesex or Littlefield? Should it be built at all?

Mr. Puntila and His Man Matti

An Ensemble Production

Mr. Puntila and His Man Matti - HB StudioPlaywright: Bertolt Brecht

Director: Rosa Allan Kazlas

Cast: Don Marlette*, Julia Wolfermann, Vadim Kroll, Trey Ervine, James Fordyce, Mitch Tebo*, Junko Momose, Hanna Hayes*, Bebe Carl, Trudy Steibl*, Edward Freeman, Holly Horner, Lindsey Ireland, Antonietta Corvinelli, Antonios Zafiropoulos

Composer: Antonios Zafiropoulos & Antonietta Corvinelli Technical Director: Giovanni Villari Lighting Design: John Burkland Costume Design: Catherine Siracusa & Sid Levitt Stage Manager: AJ Dobbs Rehearsal Stage Manager: Korrina Cragnotti Costume Assistant: Natalia Korablina Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Office Manager: Susannah Robertson

Mr. Puntila and His Man Matti was performed on December 3 – December 21, 2011

Synopsis: The story describes the aristocratic landowner Puntila’s relationship to his servant, Matti, as well as his daughter, Eva, who he wants to marry off to an Attaché. Eva herself loves Matti and so, Puntila has to decide whether to marry his daughter to his driver or to an Attaché, while he also deals with a drinking problem.