Playwright: Irven Rinard

Director: Oliver Berg

Cast: Mason Adams, Kenneth Bridges, Lambreni Demetriadou, Karen Ludwig, James McMahon, Margaret Ritchie, Ted Schwartz and Lyla Yastion

Lighting Designer: Patrika Brown Lighting Technician: Howard Goldenstein Lighting Assistant: Philip Kay Stage Manager: Richard Frey Nancy, Petochi and William Freedman

Futurities was performed March 7th – 16th of the year 1967.


Man’s Estate

An Ensemble Production

Playwright: Romulus Linney

Director: Herbert Berghoff

Cast: Edward Yastion, Jess Osuna, Emma Rossi, Marlene Mancini, Michael Corder, Tom McCready, Jr., Robin Noland, Sudie Bond, Shirley Bodtke, Kenneth Bridges and Patrick McVey

Designer: Philip Lerman Costume Designer: Whitney Blausen Lighting Designer: Patrika Brown Stage Manager: Marlene Mancini Production Manager: Richard Frey Lighting Technician: Howard Goldstein Assistants to Phil Lerman: Michael Corder, Jose Fernandez, William Freedman, Richard Frey, Joe Harty, Andre Sedriks and Zigmund Zampel Assistants to Whitney Blausen: Babette New, Carolyn Rice, Margaret Ritchie and Lesley Secombe Assistants to Patrika Brown: Geri Davis and Howard Goldstein Production Assistants: Barry Arnold, Rosemary DeAngelis, Erin Fleming and Sue Gregory Hospitality: Mary Ann Rosca, Jo-Anne Astro, Joanne Bayes, Ellen Burchard, Polly Dancyger, Michelle Petnov, Magaret Ritchie, Rea Turet and Marilyn Wright House Managers: Richard Cerasani and James Guido Posters: Hector Elias Programs: Carol Badger and Nancy Petocchi

Man’s Estate was performed February 7th – 10th of the year 1968.



Playwright: Norman Kline

Director: Thomas Skelton

Cast: Barbara Barrie, Oliver Berg, Herbert Berghof, Beryl Bernay, Tony Capodilupo, Kevin Conway, Josephine Lemmo and Edward Yastion

Artist: Beryl Bernay Lighting Technician: Anthony Quintavalla Stage Manager: Will McClure Production Manager: Judy Gindin House Manager: James Guido Production Assistants: Howard Goldstein, Katharine D’Ivanzo, Phil Lerman and Michael Corder

Faces was performed November 10th – 19th of the year 1967.



Seize the Day

Playwrights: Saul Bellow and Mary Otis

Director: Herbert Berghof

Cast: Charles Nelson Reilly, Walt Witcover, Alexander Scourby, David Hurst, Carol Pearce, George Mathews, Lou Gilbert, Brooks Rodgers, Ling Chang, Jeremy Stevens, Tom Johnston, Oliver Berg, Marlene Mancini, Don Berry, Elizabeth Dillon, Michael Corder, Shirley Bodtke, Kathryn Scott, William Hickey and Uta Hagen

Lighting Designer: Tony Quintacalla Production Manager: Henri Caubisens Assistants to Herbert Berghof: Marlene Mancini and Edith Emmet House Manager: John Matthiessen

Seize the Day was performed in February of the years 1967-1968.


This is a play about a man with a corrupt life of balancing the difficulties of money and women trouble. He seeks advice from his father which leads to disappointment being that he wanted to hear advice different from what he was just hearing. He’s in a tough predicament which results in unhappiness and drug use.