An HB Special Showcase of a Work-in-Progress

Playwright: Maria A. Suckaite Marina - HB Studio

Director: Jonas Jurasas

Cast: Laura Esterman

Marina was performed December 2nd – 4th

A play based of the poetry, diaries, and letters of Marina Tsvetaeva.

Boy Dies Dancing Mambo

An HB Studio Performance

Playwright: Arthur Giron Boy Dies Dancing Mambo - HB Studio

Director: Elinor Renfield

Cast: James Doerr, Felix Solis, Olivia Negron, Forrest Compton, Eddie Lew, Miguel Melendez

Set: Edmund A. LeFevre Lights: Chris Dallos Sound: Robert Auld Costume: Christine Field Stage Manager: Vienna Hagen

Boys Dies Dancing Mambo was performed March 28th – April 13th, 1996

Left on Flatbush

An HB Studio Staged Reading

Playwright: Rick Lieberman Left On Flatbush - HB Studio

Director: Susan Einhorn

Cast: Larry Block, Arthur Francesco, Peter Smith

Set: Ray Recht Lighting: Chris Dallos Costume: Muriel Stockdale Sound: Robert Auld Production Stage Manager: Vienna Hagen Technical Director: Carlo Adinolfi Fight Choreographer: Ian Marshall Assistant Set Designer: Andris Krumkalns Assistant to the Director: Tony Martinez Assistant Stage Manager: Julie Cook House Managers: Trudy Steibl, David Adams, Glen Berman, Danette Pachtner, Gregory Pilot, Stephanie Sundine

Left on Flatbush was performed May 11th – 12th, 16th – 19th, 21st – 26th



Oh, The Innocents

An HB Studio Staged Reading

Playwright: Ari Roth Oh, The Innocents - HB Studio

Director: William Carden

Cast: Joe Taylor, Lauren Haberman, Elizabeth Richmond, Sarah Fleming, John Knapp, Ben Shenkman

Set: Ray Recht Lighting: Chris Dallos Costume: Ivan Ingermann Sound: Robert Auld Original Music: Joe Reiser Production Stage Manager: Vienna Hagen Technical Director: Alistair Wandesford-Smith Assistant Set Designer: Andis Kirklands Assistant Stage Managers: Avocado Pitt, Pamela SanMartin

Oh, The Innocents was performed July 27th – August 7th, 1995

A comedy about selling out, staying true, teaching piano, playing spit, and laying traps.

Synopsis: Betsy sings, Jeremy plays, and Josh watches in this play about love, lies and piano teaching. Jeremy, a young musician who tutors spoiled, rich kids to make ends meet, tells his friend Josh that a student’s mother, a third rate junior miss Ann Bancroft straight out of ‘The Graduate’, is being suggestive. Josh is a former musician who has become a sedentary voyeur with a torch of his own. Envious of Jeremy’s domestic bliss with Betsy, he urges Jeremy to go forward with the encounter. Betsy, a proof reader by day and a jazz singer by night, is waking up to her husband’s and her own restiveness when a smooth record producer offers her a ticket to hear Koko Taylor at the Blue Note while offering Jeremy a trip to the west coast for sound track auditions. Josh, left to protect Betsy against Zev the wolf, suffers a conflict of passion of his own.