Six Playwrights in Search of a Production

Playwright: Peter Coston, Laura Shaine, Lawrence DuKore, Julie McKee, Richard Warren Green, Norman Kline, Samuel Warren Joseph, Bill Quigley

Director: Mark St. Germain

Cast:Joseph Prussak, Briana Pozner, Kathryn Danielle, Matthew Conlon, Sean Walsh, Julie Kline, Fukumi Kashiwagi, Tokio Sasaki, Joseph Foley

Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Technical Director: Giovanni Villari Office Manager: Christina Roussos

Six Playwrights in Search of a Production was performed on February 26 – March 10 2013


A compilation of six plays all in one performance. Phantom Limbs

The Kitchen Plays

One Act Play Festival

Playwrights: Jenifer Badamo, Natalie Bates, Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky, Adam Delia, Susan Eve Haar, Agnes Garrett, Matthew Heftler, Jason Jung, Philip Kushner, David Loughlin, Karen Ludwig, Randy McHaney, Charles J. Sirey, Matthew Widman.HB Studio's The Kitchen Plays

Directors: Abigail Zealy Bess, Adam Delia, Gwynn MacDonald, Peter Zinn, Marlene Mancini, Giovanni Villari, Dawn Knipe, Elizabeth Bove.

Cast: Philip Kushner, Eric Rasmussen, Ilia Widman, Laurel Castilla, Sylvana Widman, Alessandra Bonvicini, Misha Braun, Danielle Velcroft, Joe Stillman, Sheilagh Weymouth, Ryan Quigley, Suzanne Limozinere, Anne Kearns, Margaret Ritchie, Rachel Benbow Murdy, John L Payne, Timothy Laurel Harrison, Billie Brouse, Jim Boerlin, Melissa Sussman Siobhan O’Loughlin, Gloria Lamoureux, Noel MacDuffie, Julio C Pena, Domenica Galati.

Production Stage Manager: AJ Dobbs, Production Assistant: Elisa Nieto, Managing Director: Marlene Mancini, Office Manager: Susannah Robertson.

The Kitchen Plays were performed April 10 – April 27 2013

All-Star Of David Team by Philip Kushner: Neil and Samuel, two men at a kitchen table talk about Jewish baseball players.

Roz and Her Daughters by Karen Ludwig: A mother at breakfast with her two daughters is surprised to discover her ex husband is having a new child.

Eulogy by Jason Jung: Paul and Esther, a couple in their 50s prepare to go to a funeral for Paul’s brother.

Dinner Knight by Matthew Widman: Jessica and Gavin, a teenage girl and boy are in her kitchen when Jessica’s younger sister barges in.

It’s Time by Natalie Bates: Roz and Joan, two women converse in Joan’s kitchen after not seeing each other for a long time.

Dirty Little Secrets by Jennifer Badamo: Patricia and John, a couple have dinner with John’s disapproving grandma.

Kevin and Angela by Matthew Heftler: Two young lovers, Kevin and Angela talk in the kitchen after Kevin is released from prison for 3 weeks.

Numbers by Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky: During breakfast two sisters argue over responsibility.

Dinner At Finnerans by Agnes Garrett: An elderly father and his son reflect on their childhoods.

Irish Crystal by Randy McHaney: Two estranged sisters, Anne and Jenny talk in a kitchen after a funeral. Tension increases when Anne tries to fix things and go back to how they were.

The Epiphany Of The Jewish Ducks by Charles J Sirey: Middle-aged Fiona and her husband, Sam plan a long awaited trip to Paris in order for their children to meet each other, but Fiona’s mother has different plans.

Avenue B by David Loughlin: Lovers, Raul and Blanca discuss in the kitchen of their apartment upcoming changes in their lives revolving gentrification on Avenue B.

The Rimers of Eldritch

An Ensemble Production

Playwright: Lanford Wilson

Director: Lanford Wilson

Cast: Richard Alleman*, Panit Chantranuluck, Frank Delessio, Maria Fontanals, James Fordyce, Myles Forster, Heather Gilbert, Mary Francina Golden*, Hugh Heckman, Natalia Korablina, Cam Kornman*, Byron O’Hanlon, Karen Quarles, Jo Anne Sellers, Sean Shannon, Demetra Tsiamis, Ryan Winnick, Daniela Wong, Craig McNulty*

*Member of Actors Equity Association

Lighting Design: Alexander Bartenieff Costume Design: Catherine Siracusa TD/Production Stage Manager: AJ Dobbs* Stage Manager: Korrina Cragnotti Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Office Manager: Susannah Robertson

The Rimers of Eldritch was performed on June 13 – June 30th 2013

Synopsis: This play is set in the mid 20th century in Eldritch, Missouri, a decaying Bible belt town that was once a prosperous coal mining community. The plot emerges on the murder of the aging local hermit, Skelly Mannor, by a woman, Nelly Winrod, who mistakenly thought he was committing rape when he was actually preventing it.