The Beach Plays

One act play festival The Beach Plays - HB Studio Playwrights Theatre

Playwrights: Neena Beber, Laura Shaine Cunningham, Catherine Filloux, Alexandra Gersten, Adam Kraar, Quincy Long, Julie McKee, Jocelyn Meinhardt, Ed Napier, Lisa-Maria Radano, Theresa Rebeck, Jacquelyn Reingold, Daniel Reitz, Susan Sandler, Tug Yourgrau

Directors: Linsay Firman, Lisa Milinazzo, Jules Ochoa, Ethan Silverman, Susan Einhorn, Andy Goldberg, Amy Wright, Marya Cohn, Amy Saltz, Mark Nelson, Ethan McSweeny, Nina Steiger, Christopher McCann, Paul Weidner

Cast: Betsy Aidem, Jen Albano, Timothy Altmeyer, Peter Appel, George Bartenieff, Larry Block, Victoria Boothby, Molly Carden, Patrick Darragh, Matthew Dawson, Nathan Dean, Rosemarie DeWitt, Cecilia deWolf, Gerald Downey, Genevieve Elam, Christine Farrell, Fiona Gallagher, Abigail Gaampel, Peter Gerety, Angela Goethals, Katherine Hiler, Wendy Hopes, Matthew Hoverman, Selcuk Karabag, Reade Kelly, Matthew Lewis, Conan McCarty, Alexandra Napier, Matte Osian, Bernie Passeltiner, Kathleen Peirce, Keith Reddin, Blair Sams, Peggy Scott, Valda Setterfield, Joseph Siravo, Richard Topol, Elisabeth Waterston, Amy Wright

Set: Michael Schweikardt Lighting: Chris Dallos Sound: Sten Severson Costume “Evening A”: Leslie Bernstein Costume “Evening B”: Linda Ross Production Manager: David Apichell Production Stage Manger “Evening A”: Amy Scura Production Stage Manger “Evening B”: Elaine Rodriguez Director of Playwrights Unit: Pamla Berlin Casting Director: Jen Rudin Artistic Director: William Carden Managing Director: Robert Callely

The Beach Plays were performed June 4th – 23rd of 2002.

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A Body of Water: Marguerite and Joe are teens who are conversing at the beach. During their conversation, both Marguerite and Joe flash forward into their futures. They tell the audience their future actions, based on their conversations.

Hallelujah Anyhow: A man and woman, in their forties, are on the beach having a conversation regarding themselves and the Bible.

Happy Hour: Ben, Steven and Jonathan are all at St. Thomas beach. On the beach, we learn about Ben and Stevens relationship and how they feel about each other.

Bleached: Two characters, Lana and Ada, are on a mysterious beach. As they both try their hardest to face the situation they are in, Lana breaks down and becomes scared. 

Captain Abalone: A couple, Marie and Abe, are on the beach conversing while complimenting each other.

Beth and Samantha: Two sisters are sitting on the beach discussing their relationships. As others observe them they see how different these sisters are when it comes to their love life.

After Sunset: Two brothers are trying to hide something. They’re digging to hide something on the beach—but what is so secret that they are going to these measures to keep something hidden?

Through the Sand: We learn about Theresa and her attitude towards life. Because of this attitude she’s learned an important lesson from a strange man. 

The Sleeper Awakens: Rose and Christopher are talking about Doreen and her reasonings. In addition to that, we eventually find out Christopher’s feelings towards Rose.

The Find: Two strangers, Agnes and Perry, meet at the beach. Their first time encounter isn’t so pleasant, but they eventually come to a mutual grounding.   

For-Everett: Three characters, Catherine, Kirk and Everett seem to be in a love triangle. The twist is that only Catherine knows about this triangle.

If My Mother Had a Boat: For this play we meet Yalova, aka “Emine”, and Latife. Yalova is in trouble and Latife is here to help her..

The Actress: Mike and Nina are speaking about plays. They speak on actors, actresses and playwrights; viewers get a very clear understanding on how these two feel about the plays.

A Day at the Beach: A family of four are on the beach. The two sons, Anthony and Harold, are having a conversation that takes an odd turn.

Take a Chance: Kevin, Marcy and Anna are all on the beach. As Kevin and Marcy are arguing over song lyrics, Anna is trying to prevent the controversy.