Ten Minute Play Festivals

The Office Plays

One Act Play Festival

Playwrights: Karen Ludwig, Jason Jung, Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky, Rosemary DeAngelis, Margaret Ritchie, Elizabeth Primamore, Randy McHaney, David Loughlin, Natalie Bates, Jean Bergantini Grillo, Stanley Taub, Ryan Davenport, Matthew Widman, Claire Torn, Maria Torres, Philip Kushner, Perry Guzzi, Andrew R. Heinze, Jim Broaddus, Jane Flanagan, Andrew Marvel, Inna Tsyrlin, Emmett McConnell, Rita Marchelya, Hila Ben Gera.

Directors: Giovanni Villari, Adam Delia, Peter Zinn, Eric Rasmussen, Margaret Ritchie, Amy Wright, Dawn Knipe, Karen Ludwig, Jean Bergantini Grillo, Michael Beckett, Gwynn MacDonald, Marlene Mancini, Tim Butterfield, Eli Thacker Taylor, Laura Esterman, Julie Boyd, Michael Manuelian, Joshua Lombard, Joan Kane, Kennedy Kanagawa, Noel MacDuffie.

Cast: Marlene Mancini*, David Jacobs, Keegan McDonald, Jason Jung, Suzanne Limozinere, Michael Arena, Lucas Raphael, Jody Prusan*, John L. Payne*, Luke Wise, Nick DeSimone, Jen Danby*, Bryon O’Hanlon, Luda Millais, Melissa Sussman, Janine Hegarty, Philip Kushner*, Eric Rasmussen*, Georgina Bates, Tiffany C. Williams, Charles Black*, Michael Dermansky, Stanley Taub, Olivia Buckley, Nick Hepsoe, Paul Eisemann, Billie Brouse, Allan Mangaser*, Tabitha Vidaurri, Ryan Bess Winnick, Sean Shannon, Craig McNulty*, Ellen David*, Mariah Freda, Trey Ervine, Mitch Tebo*, Dov Tiefenbach, John Fennessy*, Johanna Leister*, Hayley Barrett, Jim Broaddus*, Philip Carlson, Alexandra Gellner, Donna Svennevik, Rita Marchelya*, Andrew Dawson*, Keithen Hergott, Jody Moore*, Heather Massie*, Scott Williams, Jesse Barr*, Nairoby Otero*, Joe Mullen, Joel Malazita.

 *Actor Appears Courtesy of Actors’ Equity. An Equity Approved Showcase.

The Office Plays were performed on April 11-27 2014


Love 1: Love 2 by Karen Ludwig: In an office, middle-aged Cookie and young man, Don perform two sides of a record after a tape malfunction complaint from a customer.

Excessive Measures by Jason Jung: At a CIA office, Jonas and Bobby, two agents discuss a prisoner of war.

Perfectly Safe by Carolyn Boriss-Krismky: Lydia, a youthful looking therapist and client, Tommy discuss in an art therapy office about getting back Lydia’s husband.

To Turn Around by Rosemary De Angelis: Mailroom clerk, Robert Malcolm invites Ms. Fields, manager of the Secretarial Pool to a brunch date when they suddenly hear distant gunshots.

An Exercise in Deleterious Motivation by Margaret Ritchie: Executive Mr. Rivet welcomes Standhope, a Princenton graduate into his office. As they converse, Mr. Rivet introduces a new opportunity for him.

The Child’s Best Interest by Elizabeth Primarone: In an office of a family mediation institute, lawyer, Gordon and his wife, Heather discuss with a social worker in order to settle a custody dispute that is part of their divorce.

Cracks by Randy McHaney: Ms. Green, a new teacher at High Solutions Elementary privately discusses with principal Gatwood about a troubled student.

The Senior Case Manager by David Loughlin: In a facility for the formerly homeless, Deborah, a resident, enters the office of Jack, the Senior Case Manager. She wants relief from the pressure of imaginary break-ins, red-headed rivals, and space aliens who want to burn down the only home she’s ever known. She puts her last hope in the Senior Case Manager, a man who wants more out of life than Chinese take-out, and who finally agrees to help cure her feelings of intense loneliness and unrequited love.


….and Make It Better by Natalie Bates: A screenwriter meets with the head of a major production company to pitch his movie.

The Agency by Jean Bergantini Grillio: At a voting station, Emma, a new employee has a discussion with Hector, the employee whom she is replacing.

The Consultation by Stanley Taub: At a doctors office, a plastic surgeon consults a patient who is unhappy over a previous operation.

What Do You Want For Lunch, Kevin? by Ryan Davenport: Kevin’s father, CEO of a tech company and nineteen year-old, Kevin reminisce in his father’s office after his grandmother’s death.

Homeland Security by Matthew Widman: In an office setting, homeland security workers, Hawthorne and Hastings work together to pair up millenials, Ivy and Brendan into a relationship. Both workers give a brief rundown of their lives and state how they’re compatible for each other.

Dixie and Sea Bass Pitch Outside the Box by Claire Torn: Coworkers Sebastian and Dixie meet in their boss’ office to discuss their possibility in being part of The Roasters concert as the event coordinator’s assistant.

Of Unsound Mind by Philip Kushner: Co-workers, Annie and Patrick are surprised by Annie’s secret admirer who bargers into their office confessing his admiration for her.

A Job Offer by Maria Elena Torres: Niels Bohr is determined to convince his co-worker, Lise to stay in his Institute for Physics as she wants to move to Berlin where her laboratory is.


An Angry Heart by Perry Guzzi: At a music publishing company, charming and social, Will converses with his perfectionist co-worker, Helen about Chin Wa’s death. Will then proceeds to blame Helen for wishing her death, but she makes him contradict himself by proving him wrong.

What It Takes To Get Things Done In Washington by Andrew R Heinze: It’s 1957, the US Senate, and the LBJ must do the impossible: get a Northern liberal and a Southern conservative to agree on the first Civil Rights bill of the century, a bill that violates each one’s core principles. How will they do it?

Lonely at the Top by Jim Broaddus: Inside the CEO’s office at Dysfunction & Company, irrational Donna gets a lousy phone call from her husband, Barney who threatens to fire her if she doesn’t do what he pleases.

Family Business by Jane Flanagan: At an office in lower Manhattan, father and daughter, Bert and Patricia converse in his office about her mother’s grand scheme into involving Patricia into business.

Kissed Off by Andrew Marvel: In the New York headquarters of Green and Benderof, junior executive, Jeannie discusses with Caroline, director of human resources about obtaining a raise and a possible promotion.

My Wife by Inna Tsyrlin: In the president’s office of a prestigious firm in New York City, Jonathan invites Lochlan, a senior attorney into his office for a partner interview. What the president proposes next is unbelievable.

Conspiracy by Emmet McConnel: At an office in midtown Manhattan, publicity director, Sonia gets involved into an argument with the cleaning lady, Ana. Sonia then proceeds to call security in order to escort her out of her office.

The Coven by Rita Marchelya: Tina, creative assistant at an ad agency introduces a plan to sabotage an ad campaign and asks Mandy, an ambitious hard worker to help her.

Just Do It by Hila Ben Gera: At a local postal office in a small town, Postman NO. 1 recites the events that happened to him the night before which shocks his co-worker, Postman NO. 2. Both characters are work weary, not very bright, simple men. They’re best friends and both dream of a better life.

The Museum Plays

Playwright: Joe Sutton, Daniel Reitz, Julie McKee, Ari Roth, Catherine Filloux, Dmitry Lipkin, Neena Beber, Tug Yourgrau, Qunicy Long, Peter Sagal and Alexandra Gersten

Directors: Jean Wagner, Constance Grappo, Julie Boyd, Shira Piven, Eva Saks, Tim Cunningham, Allison Eve Zell, Stephanie Scott, Chris McCann, Alex Roe and Amy Wright

The Museum Plays | HB Studio

Cast: Sam Tsoutsouvas, Janet Zarish, Joan Matthiessen, Patrcia O’Grady, Martin Gobbee, Frederica Meister, John Fitzgibbon, Amy Wright, Michi Barrell, David Jung, Andrew Pang, Katherine Leask, Michael Ornstein, Sarah Trelease, Ed Vassallo, Liam Craig, Anna Grace, Ean Sheehy, Heather Carduff, Frank Girardeau, Michael Etheridge, Simon Fortin, Larry Nathanson, Fred Rivers, Janelle Schremmer, Troy Schremmer, Maureen Van Zandt, Marylouise Burke, Jayne Haynes, Michael Moran, Larry Pine, Mark Devine, John FitzGibbon, Edith Meeks, George Bartenieff and Richard Mawe

Set: Andy Warfel Lighting: Chris Dallos Sound: Robert Auld Costumes: Amela Baksic Production Stage Manager: Kimberly I. Kefgen Producer: India Cooper

The Museum Plays were performed June 9th – 28th of the year 1998.


Sensations: At a museum in London Amy, an observer, and Simon, a painter, talk about the meaning of the art as they flirt with each other.

Photographs from S-21:  Two paintings on a wall of a museum talk about each other, and what they see through a very strange perspective.

Two Jewish Men In Their 70s: Two men in their 70s conversing about how old people are treated, as they are sitting on a bench.

Pithecus: A couple, Jane and Frank, walk around the Museum of Natural History observing the prehistoric human section of it. As they observe, they converse about how the displays are drawn if the occurrence of these nomads was so long ago.

The Sixth Floor Museum: Two men, Dub and Lou, are walking around a museum talking about John F. Kennedy’s death and who killed him. After, two women, Belle and Patty, walk in the museum and start conversing with the two men.

Jill On A Recliner Reading: A woman at a restaurant in Madrid examines and talks about a painting that’s displayed for her by a Spanish painter she knew.

Divulgence At Damrak 18: At the Amsterdam sex museum, two women are in their seventies reflecting on their previous experiences with love.

Love and Yearning in the Not for Profits & Other Marital Distractions: Cordelia is speaking with her friend Claire on the phone, telling her how she got an offer from a wealthy businessman. She’s interested in the man, but she’s married and wants to take a risk as she thinks of what she’s doing as a game.

The Taliban: At a gallery for Afghanistan, a woman observes the art pieces with two men, Goldman and Rigby, as they converse about the Taliban and Afghanistan society.

Art For arts sake: When a woman brings her reluctant boyfriend to a museum, he opens up about his insecurities involving his own career.

TH FT: Two young men attempt to steal a painting in a gallery, yet only to be surprised by friends as they get caught.

The Motel Plays

Playwrights: Neena Beber, Donna deMatteo, Alex Gersten, Julie McKee, Lisa Maria Radano, Ari Roth, James Ryan, Kathleen Tolan and Tug YourgrauThe Motel Plays - HB Studio Playwright Theatre

Directors: Donna deMatteo, William Carden, Deborah Hedwall, Julie McKee, Maria Mileaf, Shira Piven, Lisa Maria Radano, Ben Shaktman and Amy Wright

Cast: Tom Bazar, Gerry Becker, Peter Birkenhead, Elaine Bromka, Elizabeth Bunch, Michael Countryman, Rosemary DeAngelis, Drea deMatteo, Todd Gearheart, Alexandra Gersten, Frank Girardeau, Nurit Koppel, Sheryl Moller, Carole Monferdini, Pippa Pearthree, Sheryl Sciro, David Simonds, Irma St.Paule, Kathleen Tolan, Welker White and Amy Wright

Set: Ray Recht Sound: Robert Auld Lighting: Chris Dallos Costume: Chris Field Production Stage Managers: Vienna Hagen, Paul Powell, Jorge Colon, Cheryl Lawson, Robert Valin, Yukako Yamazoe

The Motel Plays were performed June 13th – 29th of 1997.


The Ruse: Hal, a lonely man staying in a motel room, and Bryna, a motel maid, make a connection.

The Heart transplant: In a Miami motel, two women named Jen and Nina await an important medical procedure.

Motel Story: Two old friends reflect on their lives and their love for each other. 

The Daffodils: An older hotel maid gives life advice to a younger co-worker. 

Bright Angel: Gina, a traveling pregnant woman, who had a panic attack, converses with a motel maid about life.

Prelude to a Crisis:  In a faculty room, a teacher and student has a discussion regarding their personal lives and how they impact in the classroom.      

Warm Love: In a motel room, a man and an older woman who have been having an affair come to a revelation.

The Wax: Angie is a sexually repressed woman who meets with her old friend Kate who gives her marriage advice.

Mid-Life: Mark and Deena, two co-workers, meet in a motel room, and discuss their previous traumas and insecurities.

The Office Plays

April 11-27, 2014

10-minute plays about the workplace from the HB Studio playwrights

The Office Plays:

Evening A

“Love 1: Love 2”
By Karen Ludwig
Cookie ….. Marlene Mancini*
Don ….. David Jacobs
Directed by Giovanni Villari

“Excessive Measures”
By Jason Jung
Bobby ….. Keegan McDonald
Jonas ….. Jason Jung
Directed by Adam Delia

“Perfectly Safe”
By Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky
Lydia ….. Suzanne Limozinere
Tommy ….. Michael Arena
Directed by Peter Zinn

“The Turn-Around”
By Rosemary DeAngelis
Man (Robert) ….. Lucas Raphael
Woman (Ms. Fields) ….. Jody Prusan*
Directed by Eric Rasmussen

“An Exercise in Deleterious Motivation”
By Margaret Ritchie
Rivet ….. John L. Payne*
Standhope ….. Luke Wise
Directed by Margaret Ritchie

“The Child’s Best Interest”
By Elizabeth Primamore
Gordon Gibson ….. Nick DeSimone
Heather Fielding ….. Jen Danby*
Jeffery Singer ….. Bryon O’Hanlon
Directed by Amy Wright

By Randy McHaney
Dr. Gatwood ….. Luda Millais
Miss Green ….. Melissa Sussman
Directed by Dawn Knipe
Assistant Director – Stephen Salbod

“The Senior Case Manager”
By David Loughlin
Deborah ….. Janine Hegarty
Jack ….. John L. Payne*
Directed by Giovanni Villari

Evening B

“And Make It Better”
By Natalie Bates
Edward Cooper ….. Philip Kushner*
Norman Horowitz ….. Eric Rasmussen*
Antonia Bliss ….. Georgina Bates
Marty Towers ….. Jason Jung
Directed by Karen Ludwig
Assistant to Director – Robert Grogan

“The Agency”
By Jean Bergantini Grillo
Emma ….. Tiffany C. Williams
Hector ….. Charles Black*
Office Runner ….. Michael Dermansky
Directed by Jean Bergantini Grillo

“The Consultation”
By Stanley Taub
Dr. Martin Caine ….. Stanley Taub
Female Patient ….. Olivia Buckley
Directed by Michael Beckett

“What Do You Want For Lunch”
By Ryan Davenport
Kevin Duncan ….. Nick Hepsoe
Mr. Arthur Duncan ….. Paul Eisemann
Directed by Adam Delia

“Homeland Security”
By Matthew Widman
Hastings ….. Billie Brouse
Hawthorne ….. Paul Eisemann
Brendan ….. Allan Mangaser*
Ivy ….. Tabitha Vidaurri
Directed by Gwynn MacDonald

“Dixie and Sea Bass Pitch Outside the Box”
By Claire Torn
Dixie ….. Ryan Bess Winnick
Sebastian ….. Sean Shannon
Micky ….. Craig McNulty*
George Port
Directed by Amy Wright

“A Job Offer”
By Maria Torres
Niels Bohr ….. Paul Eisemann
Lise Meitner ….. Ellen David*
Directed by Adam Delia

“Of Unsound Mind”
By Philip Kushner
Annie ….. Georgina Bates
Patrick ….. Eric Rasmussen*
Shooter ….. Philip Kushner*
Directed by Marlene Mancini

Evening C

“An Angry Heart”
By Perry Guzzi
Helen Kelleher ….. Mariah Freda
Will Augustin ….. Trey Ervine
Directed by Tim Butterfield

“What It Takes To Get Things Done In Washington”
By Andrew R. Heinze
LBJ ….. Mitch Tebo*
Blue ….. Dov Tiefenbach
Red ….. John Fennessy*
Directed by Eli Thacker Taylor

“Lonely At The Top”
By Jim Broaddus
Donna ….. Johanna Leister*
Sondra ….. Hayley Barrett
Barney ….. Jim Broaddus*
Directed by Laura Esterman

“Family Business”
By Jane Flanagan
Bert ….. Philip Carlson
Patricia ….. Alexandra Gellner
Directed by Julie Boyd

“Kissed Off”
By Andrew Marvel
Jeannie Donahue ….. Donna Svennevik
Caroline Blatt ….. Rita Marchelya*
Directed by Michael Manuelian

“My Wife”
By Inna Tsyrlin
Jonathan ….. Andrew Dawson*
Lochlan ….. Keithen Hergott
Directed by Joshua Lombard

By Emmett McConnell
Ana ….. Jody Moore*
Sonia ….. Heather Massie*
Lawrence Jenkins ….. Scott Williams
Directed by Joan Kane

“The Coven”
By Rita Marchelya
Tina ….. Jesse Barr*
Mandy ….. Nairoby Otero*
Directed by Kennedy Kanagawa

“Just Do It”
By Hila Ben Gera
Postman No. 1 ….. Joe Mullen
Postman No. 2 ….. Joel Malazita
Directed by Noel MacDuffie

 *Actor Appears Courtesy of Actors’ Equity. An Equity Approved Showcase.

The Wedding Plays

One act play festival

Playwrights: Gusi Gram, Adam Kraar, Quincy Long, Julie McKee, Jocelyn Meinhardt, Daniel Reitz, Susan Sandler, Joe Sutton, Laura Shaine Cunningham, Donna deMatteo, Catherine Filloux, Alexandra Gersten- Vassilaros, Jacquelyn Reingold, James Ryan, Lydia Stryk, Tug Yourgrau

The Wedding Plays - Poster Flyer

Directors: James Ryan, Susan Einhorn, Deborah Offner, Michael Barakiva, Amy Wright, David Letwin, Susan Einhorn, Paul Weidner, Gus Kaikkonen, Jules Ochoa, Andy Goldberg, Marya Cohn, Kathleen Dimmick, Nela Wagman, Brad Rouse

Cast: Timothy Altmeyer, Victor Arnold, Mia Barron, Scotty Bloch, Larry Block, Stephanie Brooke, Molly Carden, Lynn Cohen, Drew Cortese, Sean Cullen, Tan Darrah, Jack Davidson, Dawn Evans, Dorothi Fox, Katherine Hiler, Abigail Lopez, Chaz Mena, Deborah Offner, Peter Rini, Marilyn Sokol, Daniel Cameron Talbott, Marc Vietor, Rosemary DeAngelis, Claudia Fielding, Ben Hammer, Matthew Hoverman, Lucy Little, Robin Moseley, Susan Pellegrino, P.J. Sosko, Mike Doyle, Eliza Foss, Bette Henritze, Ken Kliban, Lois Markle, Jane Nichols, Jesse Pennington, Jeanine Serralles, Anna Stumpf, Marc Vietor,

Artistic Director: William Carden Managing Director: Robert Callely Director of The Playwrights Unit: Pamela Berlin Set: David Korins Lighting: Chris Dallos Costume “Eve A”: Caitlin Stolley Costume “Eve B”: Maggie Lee-Burdorff Sound: Shane Rettig Production Managers: Matthew D. Britt, Melanie J. Morgan Stage Manager “Eve A”: Melanie J. Morgan Stage Manager “Eve B”: Tiffany Tillman Technical Director: Joshua Sherer

The Wedding Plays were performed June 8th – 27th of the year 2004.


Green Sappho Rising: A woman, Sappho, and her mother, Joanna are at a wedding. Sappho is feeling discouraged because she feels that the bride, Claire, always outshines her, so Sappho and her mother converse about the situation and what it is that’s bothering her.

Married Before: A couple that has both been wed before is scared to get wed once again. They reveal to each other how they feel about one another that leads to conflict, but slowly comes to a resolution.

Our Son’s Wedding: A couple, Mary and Angelo, goes to there gay son, Michael’s, wedding. As they are at the wedding Angelo complains about his son a lot, which leads to Mary revealing a lot of things Angelo did not know as they converse.

“Marriage a trois”: A war is coming and a couple, Ben and Maggie, are about to get wed in a field of trash. Maggie has second thoughts about marrying Ben and is pushing him to marry Rosa, a hispanic woman who collects trash, even though they have never even met.

Wedding Play : Two woman, Minda and Rita, are at Rita’s sister’s wedding. The both of them are jealous of the sister and converse about how spoiled and privileged the sister is.

Waukegan Wedding: Two brothers, Sam and Milton, are having a conversation about Sam’s wedding tomorrow. Milton is not thrilled for his brother because he’s going through his own problems with his wife, in addition he thinks the woman Sam is engaged with is too young for him.

Wedding Picture: The wedding ceremony is occurring and as the service is in session a man objects for them to get married. This leads to a bunch of conflict but is soon resolved in the most unexpected way.

Hope: A woman that goes by the name of Rita goes to the wrong wedding two times in the same day. She talks about her experience of it with another woman named Merle, a relative of the bride.

Little Monsters: A man named Phil, and a teenage girl, Tina, are conversing in a conference about recent events in their lives. It starts by Phil apologizing to Tina, since his wife assaulted her because she upset about marriage issues.

One Hand One Heart: A couple, Wendy and David, are about to get wed. But the minister, Quinn, is having some issues of his own. They converse about them with each other, a boy and a girl. After the conversation, unexpected things happen.

2B (Or Not 2B) Part 2: A woman, Franny, has had a tough break-up and after “became a bee”. She goes to the wedding of the man who broke her heart so she could kill him. In the process, she meets a piano boy at the wedding, Manny, and they connect right away.

Wedding Play #2: Brendan, a young man and the groom’s best man, is gossiping about what’s going on in the wedding, and after makes a speech as the best man in the wedding.

Venice in Vegas: A couple, Jack and Amy, are in a weird relationship and they’re about to get married. A gay friend of the couple, Mark, converses shocking experiences and stories that the couple are involved in.

The Lovely Just So: An old couple is about to get wed and they discuss about their plans and life after getting married.

The End of Civilization As We Know It: Two old women, Edith and Be, who have led strong secret lives for a long time are conversing about their past relations with each other.

John’s Dad: John and his dad are having a serious conversation because John’s dad got upset over something. As the conversation continues they start talking about their father-and-son relationship and the decisions John’s dad made in the past.

Just The Two of Us: A couple, Roger and Susan, are having a private wedding. Mr. Johnson, the justice of the peace, is having difficulties with having them wed. He eventually brings his wife to be witness, and she shares opinions of her own about the marriage.

Wedding Play #3: A male biology teacher, Chalabian, and a girl highschool student, Mandy, are in a relationship. They have been caught in a situation that is looked at by others as kidnapping of the girl but in their eyes they are in a relationship. The police are after them, so they devise a plan which consist of getting married so the man doesn’t go to jail.


The Subway Plays

One Act Play Festival

Playwrights: Cusi Cram, Laura Shaine Cunnigham, Donna deMatteo, Catherine Filloux, Alexandra Gersten, Adam Kraar, Quincy Long, Julie McKee, Jocelyn Meinhardt, Edward Napier, Lisa-Maria Radano, Theresa Rebeck, Daniel Reitz, Susan Sandler, Joe Sutton, David Wiener, Tug Yourgrau

Directors: Amy Wright, Will Frears, Susan Einhorn, Christopher McCann, Nina Steiger, Nela Wagman, Jules Ochoa, Kent Paul, Christian Parker, Susan Einhorn, Linsay Firman, Julie Boyd, Marcia Jean Kurtz, Marcia Jean Kurtz, Amy Saltz, Linsay Firman, Susan Einhorn

Cast: Jen Albano, Brad Bellamy, Kenjuan Bentley, Larry Block, Brie Bryant, Marylouise Burke, Johann Carlo, Molly Carden, Anna Cody, Alex Cooper, John Daggett, Matthew Dawson, Stephan DeRosa, Doc Dougherty, John FitzGibbon, Lanny Flaherty, Fiona Gallagher, Kate Gersten, Maribel Gonzalez, Kathryn Grody, Sean Gullette, Edward A. Hajj, Katherine Hiler, Annabel LaLonde, Aarah Lord, Laura Marks, Bruce McCarty, Alexandra Napier, Rebeca Nelson, Matte Osian, Walter Pagan, Susan Pellegrino, Keith Powell, Dana Reeve, Dave Rosenberg, Caesar Samayoa, Stephen Singer, Michael Smith, Nick Toren, Marisa Vural

Scene: Michael Schweikardt Lighting: Chris Dallos Sound: Sten Severson Costume “Evening A”: Mary Margaret O’Neill Costume “Evening B”: Amela Baksic Production Manager: David Apichell Production Stage Manager “Evening A”: Sarah Keener Production Manager “Evening B”: Conor J. Loughran Director of the Playwrights Union: Pamela Berlin

The Subway Plays were performed June 10th – 29th

The D Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore by Laura Shaine Cunningham –  On a night train two men, Tom and Stanley greet two women who have just arrived in New York.

A Moment Defined by Cusi Cram: A woman and her boyfriend on a train to Brooklyn argue over their feelings toward each other.

Gerald And Josie…A Love Story by Donna de Matteo: On a subway platform Gerald and Josie, a husband and wife fight against a robber.

THE G Word by Catherine  Filloux: In a subway car a U.N General and Lemkin, a younger woman make a surprising connection.

Actresshead by Alexandra Gersten: Dolly, a 20 year old women and Hari, a middle aged man on a train talk about her acting career.

Brecht And The West Coast Offense by Quincy Long:  Two train workers and a woman waiting have an insightful conversation.

Colorful Past by Jocelyn Meinhardt: Natasha and Jake, two college students waiting on a trail platform talk about their childhoods.

Red Signal by Lisa Maria Radano: A mother, her young daughter, and a stranger get stuck in a train tunnel after a technical malfunction.

You Belong To Me by Daniel Reitz: Susan and Robby, two former lovers reconcile after they run into each other on a train.

The French by Joe Sutton: A french couple and an American man, Horace bond on a stalled train car.

No Exit by Theresa Rebeck: Three women, Julia, Stephanie, and Holly have several feuds as they’re in a stopped train on their way to a baby shower.

HB Studio's - The Subway Plays



The Funeral Plays

One Act Play Festival

Playwrights: Tug Yourgrau, Julie McKee, Ari Roth, Catherine Filloux, Daniel Reitz, Peter Sagal, Alexandra Gersten, Dmitry Lipkin, Ed Napier, Neena Beber, Jacquelyn Reingold, Quincy Long, Susan Sandler, Lisa Maria Radano, Theresa Rebeck, Donna deMatteo.

Directors: Susan Einhorn, Deborah Hedwall, Jim Milton, Jean Randich, Peter Wallace, Susan Einhorn, Caroline Kava, Oleg Kheyfets, Stephen DiMenna, Linsay Firman, Susann Brinkley, Kathleen Dimmick, Amy Saltz, Sarah Stern, Max Mayer, Carol Rosenfeld.

Cast: Daniel Ahearn, Stephanie Anson, Beth Bartley, Drew Battles, Larry Block, Caren Browning, Donald Buka, Molly Carden, Michael Countryman, Todd Alan Crain, Jim Cyrus, Tami Dixon, Marvin Einhorn, Claudia Fielding, Sean Folster, Abigail Gampel, Gin Hammond, Jayne Haynes, Tomothy Huang, Annette Hunt, Joseph Jamrog, Peter Jensen, Hamish Linklater, Amy Love, Tony Matines, Julie McKee, Elizabeth Worth McKibbon, Mark Nelson, Alexandra Napier, Gerard O’Brien, Evan Robertson, Adam Rose, Stephen Singer, Dale Soules, Valerie Stanford, Dolores Sutton, David Troy, Joe Urla, Trevor A. Williams, Jonathan Woodward, Amy Wright, Mark Zeisler.

Set: Vickie Davis Lights: Renee Molina Sound – Evening B: Robert Auld Sound – Evening A: Steve LeSieur Costumes – B: Amela Baksic Costumes – A: Christopher Peterson Tech Director: Carlo Adinolfi Production Stage Managers: David Apichell, Richard Hodge.

The Funeral Plays were performed June 6th – 25th

Cries from the CockpitAt his mother’s funeral, Jim freaks out when he sees her body in shocking conditions. 

Mathematics by Daniel Reitz: Canise, a priest and Dennis, a dead man in a coffin have a discussion as he is being buried.

Milton Bradley by Peter Sagal: At a funeral home, a man remembers his late brother with Allen, a rabbi.

Funeral Play by Julie McKee: In a funeral parlor two women who were married to the same same man reminisce and bond over their relationship to the deceased.

Jeffery Slugworth: Ex-Embalmer by Ari Roth: Jeff a former alcoholic in rehab talks to the man who helped him find his sobriety.

The Lessons Of My Father by Catherine filloux: Siblings at a funeral for their father reflect on the memories with him.

Untitled by Theresa Rebeck:  Jim and Roy, two estranged brothers reconcile at their father’s funeral.

The Obit by Donna De Matteo: In a reception room at a funeral home a family reconciles.

The Divine Child by Lisa-Marie Radano: An old woman and a young girl talk about life in a funeral home.

The Burial Society by Susan Sandler: During a funeral service at a chapel, Bella and Al, two distant siblings reconcile.

HB Studio's The Funeral Plays

The Beach Plays

One act play festival The Beach Plays - HB Studio Playwrights Theatre

Playwrights: Neena Beber, Laura Shaine Cunningham, Catherine Filloux, Alexandra Gersten, Adam Kraar, Quincy Long, Julie McKee, Jocelyn Meinhardt, Ed Napier, Lisa-Maria Radano, Theresa Rebeck, Jacquelyn Reingold, Daniel Reitz, Susan Sandler, Tug Yourgrau

Directors: Linsay Firman, Lisa Milinazzo, Jules Ochoa, Ethan Silverman, Susan Einhorn, Andy Goldberg, Amy Wright, Marya Cohn, Amy Saltz, Mark Nelson, Ethan McSweeny, Nina Steiger, Christopher McCann, Paul Weidner

Cast: Betsy Aidem, Jen Albano, Timothy Altmeyer, Peter Appel, George Bartenieff, Larry Block, Victoria Boothby, Molly Carden, Patrick Darragh, Matthew Dawson, Nathan Dean, Rosemarie DeWitt, Cecilia deWolf, Gerald Downey, Genevieve Elam, Christine Farrell, Fiona Gallagher, Abigail Gaampel, Peter Gerety, Angela Goethals, Katherine Hiler, Wendy Hopes, Matthew Hoverman, Selcuk Karabag, Reade Kelly, Matthew Lewis, Conan McCarty, Alexandra Napier, Matte Osian, Bernie Passeltiner, Kathleen Peirce, Keith Reddin, Blair Sams, Peggy Scott, Valda Setterfield, Joseph Siravo, Richard Topol, Elisabeth Waterston, Amy Wright

Set: Michael Schweikardt Lighting: Chris Dallos Sound: Sten Severson Costume “Evening A”: Leslie Bernstein Costume “Evening B”: Linda Ross Production Manager: David Apichell Production Stage Manger “Evening A”: Amy Scura Production Stage Manger “Evening B”: Elaine Rodriguez Director of Playwrights Unit: Pamla Berlin Casting Director: Jen Rudin Artistic Director: William Carden Managing Director: Robert Callely

The Beach Plays were performed June 4th – 23rd of 2002.

The Beach Plays - Poster Flyer



















A Body of Water: Marguerite and Joe are teens who are conversing at the beach. During their conversation, both Marguerite and Joe flash forward into their futures. They tell the audience their future actions, based on their conversations.

Hallelujah Anyhow: A man and woman, in their forties, are on the beach having a conversation regarding themselves and the Bible.

Happy Hour: Ben, Steven and Jonathan are all at St. Thomas beach. On the beach, we learn about Ben and Stevens relationship and how they feel about each other.

Bleached: Two characters, Lana and Ada, are on a mysterious beach. As they both try their hardest to face the situation they are in, Lana breaks down and becomes scared. 

Captain Abalone: A couple, Marie and Abe, are on the beach conversing while complimenting each other.

Beth and Samantha: Two sisters are sitting on the beach discussing their relationships. As others observe them they see how different these sisters are when it comes to their love life.

After Sunset: Two brothers are trying to hide something. They’re digging to hide something on the beach—but what is so secret that they are going to these measures to keep something hidden?

Through the Sand: We learn about Theresa and her attitude towards life. Because of this attitude she’s learned an important lesson from a strange man. 

The Sleeper Awakens: Rose and Christopher are talking about Doreen and her reasonings. In addition to that, we eventually find out Christopher’s feelings towards Rose.

The Find: Two strangers, Agnes and Perry, meet at the beach. Their first time encounter isn’t so pleasant, but they eventually come to a mutual grounding.   

For-Everett: Three characters, Catherine, Kirk and Everett seem to be in a love triangle. The twist is that only Catherine knows about this triangle.

If My Mother Had a Boat: For this play we meet Yalova, aka “Emine”, and Latife. Yalova is in trouble and Latife is here to help her..

The Actress: Mike and Nina are speaking about plays. They speak on actors, actresses and playwrights; viewers get a very clear understanding on how these two feel about the plays.

A Day at the Beach: A family of four are on the beach. The two sons, Anthony and Harold, are having a conversation that takes an odd turn.

Take a Chance: Kevin, Marcy and Anna are all on the beach. As Kevin and Marcy are arguing over song lyrics, Anna is trying to prevent the controversy.

The Hospital Plays

One Act Play Festival

Playwrights: Neena Beber, Laura Cunnigham, Donna de Matteo, Catherine Filloux, Alexandra Gersten, Adam Kraar, Quincy Long, Julie Mckee, Jocelyn Meinhardt, Lisa-Maria Radano, Jacqueln Reingold, Daniel Reitz, Susan Sandler, Tug Yourgrau

Directors: Amy Saltz, John Steber, Jean Randich, Ethan Silverman, Guy Boyd, Marya Cohn, Thoma Caruso, Amy Wright, Carol Rosenfeld, Susan Einhorn, Kathleen Dimmick, John Coles, Joe Brancato

Cast: Betsy Aidem, Larry Block, Guy Boyd, Julie Boyd, Carla Briscoe, Gary Brownlee, Elizabeth Bunch, Marylouise Burke, Molly Carden, Patrick Darragh, Jack Davidson, Cecilia deWolf, Michael Esper, Gregory Esposito, Christine Farrell, Laura Flanagan, Dorothi Fox, Nancy Giles, Rod Grader, Kristin Griffith, Suzanna Hay, Larissa Kiel, Francesco LoJacono, Nikki Maack, Julie Mond, Carole Monferdini, Anne O’ Sullivan, Brenton popolizio, Eric Rasmussen, Courtney Reynolds, Adam Rose, Joan Rosenfels, Sidney Williams, Toshi Yamamoto

Director of the Playwrights Unit: Pamela Berlin, Casting Director: Cindi Rush, C.S.A., Set Design: Michael Schweikardt, Lighting Design: John Lasiter, Costume Design: Evening A- Mary Margaret O’ Neil, Costume Design: Evening B- Christopher Peterson, Sound Design: Evening A- John Kadela, Sound Design: Evening B- Robert Auld, Production Stage Managers: David Apichell, Richard Hodge

The Hospital Plays were performed June 5th – 24th, 2001

A Case of You: Kim is in the hospital due to an accident with her son Bobby at her side. During this play, Bobby and his mother get into arguments over another family member. 

The Volunteer: Emily is a hospital volunteer who has an in depth conversation about life while being fired by her superior, Dr. Samuels. 

Aftermath: While in the hospital Muriel talks to a candy striper about how her husband betrayed her. 

Jiley Nance and Lednerg: Jiley is a woman who visits a hospital for testing and encounters an old enemy.  

The Beauty Inside: A mother, Peri and her pregnant daughter, Yalova have a heartfelt conversion about life. 

El Depresso Espresso: A depressed woman, Liv visits a clinic and speaks to two doctors who talk about finding happiness. 

In Bed with Kafka/ Kafka in Bed: Patient K and his significant other, F have a discussion with Dr. X  after they receive news that patient K is terminally ill. 

Hokey-Pokey: A woman, Vivien has a conversation with a man in the hospital bed next to hers.

Her Name Is Kathy: This story revolves around a conversation between a lawyer and the son of a famous judge after a fatal car crash. 

Homer Falls: Two men are sharing a hospital room when they realize they have connection from the past.

Surviving Mom: This story is about Elsa and Suzy, a mother and daughter who discuss life while in a hospital. 

The Hospital Play: A man and a woman in a waiting room talk about their former marriage to each other.

Stand up Hospital: A stand up comedian does a show in a hospital wing.

The White House Plays

One act play festival

Playwrights: Joe Sutton, Laura Shaine Cunnigham, Catherine Filloux, Lydia Stryk, Sharr WhiteThe White House Plays - HB Studio, Adam Kraar, Quincy Long, Tug Yourgrau, Frank Basloe, David Wiener, Daniel Reitz, Joan Vail Thorne, Amy Evans

Directors: Sturgis Warner, Amy Wright, Debbie Saivetz, Karen Ludwig, Adam Forgash, Randy White, Kathleen Dimmick, Susan Einhorn, Randy White, Andrew Grasso, Adam Forgash, Paul Widener

Cast: Daniel Ahearn, Katherine Barron, Michael Boswell, Rob Breckenridge, Catherine Llyod Burns, Drew Cortese, Michael Countryman, James Demarse, Beth Dixon, Shawn Elliot, John Fitzgibbon, J.R. Horne, Joy Jones, John Juback, Ann Lange, Robert LaVelle, David Little, Quincy Long, Carol Monferdini, Ron Moreno, Saxon Palmer, Susan Pellegrino, Jeff Pucillo, Patricia Randell, Laura Sametz, Alex Smith, Christopher Stack, Charles Stransky, Caroline Strong, Mike Szeles, Tamilla Woodward

Artistic Director: William Carden Director of Playwrights Unit: Pamela Berlin Producer: Shiraz Biggie Set: Troy Hourie Lighting: Greg MacPherson Costume “Eve A”: Suzanne Chesney Costume “Eve B”: Naomi Wolff Sound: Bray Poor Stage Manager “Eve A”: Elizabeth Paige Stage Manager “Eve B”: Allison Roberts

The White House Plays were performed June 7th – 26th of the year 2005.


Punk’d: An actor, Ashton Kutcher and the president of the United States are having a private meeting because the presidents daughters went to the actors house and smoked marijuana. As the meeting prolongs, the president proposes an idea to the actor of pranking them to teach them a lesson of not using drugs.

In the Lincoln Bedroom: Someone who looks and sounds like, Abraham Lincoln, gives a Republican couple, Clem and Christy, a speech that helps settle their differences. This takes place in Abraham Lincoln’s old bedroom in the White House.

A White House Play # 1: A woman named, Bullock and a man named, Lucas, have a meeting with a famous Hollywood director pitching an idea about a movie.

The Van Buren Cloak Room: A woman named Ellen is being interrogated in an enclosed room by a woman in the Secret Service because as she was touring the White House she said something offensive towards a picture of the president.

Passion.com: The President is visioning a soldier, that he’s seen get killed, in a form of a “ghost” that only he can see. As a reverend arrives to come to his aid, he continues to speak to the ghost that only he can see, and has the reverend thinking he’s not sober.

Barbershop: The president, his aide and barber, are talking about their wives and there relationships as the president is getting his haircut and reading playboy magazine.

A White House Play #2: A gay couple, Julian, a 60 year old multi-millionaire famous from his art, and Chad, a 30 year old man, are about to go in the Oval Room of the White House for a meeting to admire the accomplished arist Julian. Before they go in they converse about the situation they are in.

The Last Standing Protestor: A woman is speaking to the audience, and asking them what enrages them about this world.

Geneva: The play starts as the president and two other people, Tanner and Flannery, are in the president’s room discussing about Geneva. After, there’s a transition in the play which makes it seem like the actors are going off script, but in reality the actor who is playing Tanner makes it seem like he doesn’t want to continue to act in the play because of his position on the topic of the play.

The Third Temple: A woman, Miriam, expecting a job opportunity of a teacher, is met with a strange interview with a meticulous man that goes by the name of X at the white house. X knows a lot about the woman Miriam which creeps her out as She is also presented with a job opportunity that is far different then what she has expected.

A White House Play #3: Two woman, Mills and Jane, and a man named Lance Corporal Evans are waiting outside the Oval Room with the president and other political leaders are in. As Jane is waiting to go in she converses with Mills and in the middle of the conversation it is as though the man starts speaking to Jane abruptly.

Higher Power: The president, his wife, the vice president and deputy chief of staff, are in white house private quarters. A voice that is supposed to be God is in the room giving commands to everyone.