The Good God of Manhattan

Playwright: Ingeborg Bachmann

Director: Herbert Berghof and Uta Hagen

Cast: George Welbes, William Hansen, F. Murray Abraham, Ezra Shoshani, Herbert Berghof, Susan Batson, Pennie DuPont, Carol Pearce, Marlene Mancini, Olga Bellin, James Patterson, Katharine Sergava, Rex O’Malley, Suzanne Smith, John Fink, Michael Corder, Walt Witcover, William Hickey, Ed Yastion, Tom McCready, Stephen Strimpell and Jeremy Stevens

HB Studio - Three Radio Plays

Lighting Designer: Tom Skelton Assistant to Mr. Skelton: Jennifer Tipton Chief Electrician: Tony Quintavalla Electrician: Steve Cohen and George Peck Assistant to Herbert Berghof: Marlene Mancini Stage Manager: Jesse I. Feiler Assistant Stage Manager: Erin Fleming House Manager: Margaret Ritchie and Norman Kline Hospitality: Maryann Rocca, Madelyn Rosen, Janice Rosen, Judy Blaisdell and Gretchen Evans

The Good God of Manhattan was performed June 2nd – 4th of the year 1966.


A character in the play, Good God of Manhattan, is on trial for plotting the murder of two lovers. Jan and Jennifer, and for having killed Jennifer in a bomb attack on their love-nest. During the trial the story unfolds, through flashbacks, that love has no place in the social order. The meeting of Jan and Jennifer at first appears banal, but their love intensifies and becomes all-consuming. The drama examines the relationship between men and women, and if ideals make sense in a “practical” world.