The Good God of Manhattan

Playwright: Ingeborg Bachmann

Director: Herbert Berghof and Uta Hagen

Cast: George Welbes, William Hansen, F. Murray Abraham, Ezra Shoshani, Herbert Berghof, Susan Batson, Pennie DuPont, Carol Pearce, Marlene Mancini, Olga Bellin, James Patterson, Katharine Sergava, Rex O’Malley, Suzanne Smith, John Fink, Michael Corder, Walt Witcover, William Hickey, Ed Yastion, Tom McCready, Stephen Strimpell and Jeremy Stevens

HB Studio - Three Radio Plays

Lighting Designer: Tom Skelton Assistant to Mr. Skelton: Jennifer Tipton Chief Electrician: Tony Quintavalla Electrician: Steve Cohen and George Peck Assistant to Herbert Berghof: Marlene Mancini Stage Manager: Jesse I. Feiler Assistant Stage Manager: Erin Fleming House Manager: Margaret Ritchie and Norman Kline Hospitality: Maryann Rocca, Madelyn Rosen, Janice Rosen, Judy Blaisdell and Gretchen Evans

The Good God of Manhattan was performed June 2nd – 4th of the year 1966.


A character in the play, Good God of Manhattan, is on trial for plotting the murder of two lovers. Jan and Jennifer, and for having killed Jennifer in a bomb attack on their love-nest. During the trial the story unfolds, through flashbacks, that love has no place in the social order. The meeting of Jan and Jennifer at first appears banal, but their love intensifies and becomes all-consuming. The drama examines the relationship between men and women, and if ideals make sense in a “practical” world.

The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky

Playwright: Frank Crocitto


Cast: Michael Corder, Craig Corder, Susan Batson, Pennie duPont, Oliver Berg, Jeremy Stevens, Albert C. Belfiglio, David Logan, James Leverett, Len Schropfer, Margaret Ritchie, Josephine Lemmo, Tony Capodilupo, Joan Matthiessen, Jess Osuna, F. Murray Abraham

The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky

Production Designer: Anthony Quintavalla Assistant to Herbert Berghof and Stage Manager: Marlene Mancini Costume Designer: Joanne Bayes Production Assistant: Gwen Saska, Howard Goldstein and Lisa Sachs Production Supervisor: Herbert Berghof

The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky was performed December 5th – 10th of the year 1966.


Stephen Crane’s western story of the fateful day, marshal Jack Potter, brings his new bride back home to Yellow Sky is a recognized classic of American literature. In addition, at the urging of that great man of the theater, Herbert Berghoff, playwright Frank Crocitto has transformed the story into a perfect gem of a play. Also,with a few deft poetical strokes Crocitto evokes the whole world of the fading wild west through the outer struggle of two old friends to adjust to outer changes as well as changes in their relationship. Lastly, the play has been performed continually around the world since its appearance in 1970.

The Golden Door

Playwright: Norman Rosten

Director: Sidney Walters

Cast: Allan Arbus, John Cazale, Joel Frederick, Mickey Stracks, Gonzalo Madurga, Howard Honig, Ezra Shoshani, Barbara Schneider, George E. Morse, Susan Carlson, Sy Travers, Donald Hotton, Paul Clark and Donald Hudson

Jay Oliver Sax (Production Manager), David Keller (Stage Manager), Dave Klein (Assistant Stage Manager), Ronnie Berger (Production Crew), Paul Clark (Production Crew), Don Gaymond (Production Crew), Barbara Leslie (Production Crew), Bonnie Marino (Production Crew), Edwin Owens (Production Crew), Terry Selbert (Production Crew), Sharon Vogel (Production Crew), Vanya Klein (Prop Mistress), Carol Ann Remmert (Production Assistant), Joanne Bayes (Wardrobe), Jeanne Thomas (Wardrobe), Steve Cohen (Lighting Designer), Keith Dobbs (Sound Designer), Rick Pierce (Sound Designer), Ray Stone (Poster Design)


The Workout and The Adjustment

Playwright: Albert Bermel

Director: Gilbert Pearlman

Cast: Kenneth Bridges, Ken Chapin, Chee Davis, Corinne Elliot, Rosemary DeAngelis, Josephine Lemmo, Ray Becker and Jess Osuna

The Workout by Albert Bermel

Set Designer: Charles Brandon Lighting Designer: Richard Fuhrman Production Manager and Assistant Director: Michael Ackerman Costume Designer: Joanne Bayes Stage Manager: Robert Altshuler Assistant Stage Manager: Mary Ann Bollen Prop Manager: Madelyn Rosen Production Crew: Tony Thomas, Ezra Shoshani and Jen Ackerman Electrician: Betsy Kahn

The Workout and The Adjustment was performed January 27th – February 6th of the year 1966.



The Scene is a Neighborhood

Playwright: Jesse I. Feiler

Director: Herbert Berghof

Cast: Fern Sloan, Josephine Lemmo, John Fink, Sam Waterston, Naomi Riordan, Shirley Bodtke, Robert Elston and Herbert Berghof

Scene: Kathe Berle Lighting: Anthony Quintavalla Costume: Joanne Bayes Costume Assistant: Penny DuPont Production Manager: Elliott Joslin Production Stage Manager: Marlene Mancini Assistant Stage Manager: Robert Altshuler Electricians: Les Berman and Mike McCarthy Property Crew: Sarah Dickenson, Inez Hellendall and Betsey Kahn

The Scene is a Neighborhood was performed November 27th – December 5th.