The Living Room Plays

One Act Play FestivalThe Living Room Plays - HB Studio

Playwrights: Andrew R. Heinze, Maria Elena Torres, Natalie Bates, Agnes Garrett, Mark Rose, Karen Ludwig, Carolyn Boris-Krimsky, Benny Benowitz, Bill Quigles, C.S. Drury, Nicole Pandolfo, Nora Ferrari, Nancy Redman, Jennifer Badamo, Peter Zinn, Alex Ladd, John J. Murray.

Directors: Jonathan Cerullo, Sally Burtenshaw, Marlene Mancini, Marsha Sheiness, Peter Zinn, Austin Pendleton, Nora Ferrari, Peter Zinn, Arthur French.

Cast: Laurence Cantor, Betsy Johnson, Colin Chapin, Diane Dreher, Jack Davidson, Karen Chitlon, Ric Sechrest, Kristen Vaughan, Daniela Mastropietro, Nick DeSimone, Bill Quigley, C.S. Drury, Nancy Redman, Chris Brescia, Nicole Pandolfo, Kathryn Danielle, Philip Kushner, Arnie Mazer, Alice Gold, Eric Rasmussen, Jody Prusan, Cordis Heard, Tom Tinelli, Suzanne Limozinere, Emily Jon Mitchell, Nick DeSimone, Charles Baran, Nick DeSimone, Beth Adler, Ross Kramberg, Danijela Popovich, David H. Holmes, Catherine Kjome, Ann Rickhoff, Billie Brouse, Karen Zechowy.

Lighting: Corrie Beth Shotwell Costume: Catherine Siracusa Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Technical Director: Giovanni Villari Stage Manager: Stephanie Carlisle Office Manager: Christina Roussos

The Living Room Plays was performed December 4th – 21st 2009

The Invention of the Living Room by Andre R Heinze: On a winter evening of 1943 at an apartment on the Lower East Side of New York, married couple, Abe and Bessie get involved into an argument about using the house’s parlor as a casual hangout place, also known as a living room.

A Proposal by Maria Elena Torres: In the town of Rezekne, Latvia on a Spring of 1890, twenty-two year old, Sarah and nineteen year-old Mendel hangout in Sarah’s apartment. A few moments later, Mendel proposes to Sarah and invites her to move to America with him to start their new life with her daughter, Broche.

Things Change by Natalie Bates: On a midmorning of Lisa’s modest home, she invites in her best friend, Barb to discuss about Lisa’s allegations of her husband seeing someone else.

Wheels by Agnes Garrett: In the living room of a one-family home, Diane and Emma get involved in a feud after Emma went to the park when being told not to.

The Maharini by Mark Rose: In a high-rise apartment near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at a glass-top living room, a mother and her son converse about her upcoming death as her son struggles to figure out the family’s tree and marital history.

Lila’s Ashes by Karen Ludwig: In Jackie’s cluttered living room, she sits with her friend Diane as they converse about the death of Diane’s sister.

Taxi Dreams by Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky: A West Village living room on a Saturday morning before breakfast. Julian, a professor in his early forties, and Serena, a director in her late thirties, sit on the couch, drink coffee and look at the paper. Moments later, Serena talks about her dream revolving around a baby, she mentions the idea of having one but her husband, Julian is not very fond of it.

Who I’ll See When I Get to Heaven by Benny Benowitz: In a rehab center, a mother and a son converse about how their lives would be much better and safer if they moved to the city.


So Long Lives This by C.S Drury & Bill Quigley: In a cluttered living room, Dan worries about his best friend, Leo’s health state as he carries himself very poorly.

Clutter: I’m Saving My Life and It’s Killing Me by Nancy Redman: At 8 p.m in Nancy’s cluttered living room, she finally finds motivation to clean up her clutter after getting a letter from her landlord stating she will get evicted in a week.

Christmas in New Jersey by Nicole Pandolfo: There is a Christmas party going on in the basement at the house of an old high school buddy of Marie and Vito. Taking a break from the party, Marie and Vito reunite for the first time after six years in the living room of the house and converse on what they’ve been up to for the past couple of years.

Wonderland by Nora Ferrari: A living room in a 50,000 square foot modern home in East Hampton, New York, Mrs. Whittendale gets arrested for breaking into a house and posing as the owner.

4 Rooms of Gloom by Jenifer Badamo: In Rachael’s living room, she converses with her partner, Mike about their relationship and overall commitment.

Reike on the Plains by Peter Zinn: A living room in an old house in Oklahoma City, Sarah sits next to Newt as they wait for African Reikiest, Neema to help them ease their physical and emotional pain.

The Knot by Alex Ladd: During a house break in, married couple, Peggy and Ron are tied onto furniture chairs in their living room. Later on, Justin, the burglar confesses that Peggy is to blame for planning the break in and wanting to kill her own husband, after they have been allegedly seeing each other.

Broken by John J Murray: A living room in Damascus, Syria, a husband and wife are in the middle of an argument. The husband angrily smashes a valuable statue of a ceramic boy which breaks the woman, she then undergoes an unpredictable action.