The Motel Plays

Playwrights: Neena Beber, Donna deMatteo, Alex Gersten, Julie McKee, Lisa Maria Radano, Ari Roth, James Ryan, Kathleen Tolan and Tug YourgrauThe Motel Plays - HB Studio Playwright Theatre

Directors: Donna deMatteo, William Carden, Deborah Hedwall, Julie McKee, Maria Mileaf, Shira Piven, Lisa Maria Radano, Ben Shaktman and Amy Wright

Cast: Tom Bazar, Gerry Becker, Peter Birkenhead, Elaine Bromka, Elizabeth Bunch, Michael Countryman, Rosemary DeAngelis, Drea deMatteo, Todd Gearheart, Alexandra Gersten, Frank Girardeau, Nurit Koppel, Sheryl Moller, Carole Monferdini, Pippa Pearthree, Sheryl Sciro, David Simonds, Irma St.Paule, Kathleen Tolan, Welker White and Amy Wright

Set: Ray Recht Sound: Robert Auld Lighting: Chris Dallos Costume: Chris Field Production Stage Managers: Vienna Hagen, Paul Powell, Jorge Colon, Cheryl Lawson, Robert Valin, Yukako Yamazoe

The Motel Plays were performed June 13th – 29th of 1997.


The Ruse: Hal, a lonely man staying in a motel room, and Bryna, a motel maid, make a connection.

The Heart transplant: In a Miami motel, two women named Jen and Nina await an important medical procedure.

Motel Story: Two old friends reflect on their lives and their love for each other. 

The Daffodils: An older hotel maid gives life advice to a younger co-worker. 

Bright Angel: Gina, a traveling pregnant woman, who had a panic attack, converses with a motel maid about life.

Prelude to a Crisis:  In a faculty room, a teacher and student has a discussion regarding their personal lives and how they impact in the classroom.      

Warm Love: In a motel room, a man and an older woman who have been having an affair come to a revelation.

The Wax: Angie is a sexually repressed woman who meets with her old friend Kate who gives her marriage advice.

Mid-Life: Mark and Deena, two co-workers, meet in a motel room, and discuss their previous traumas and insecurities.