The Restaurant Plays

One Act Play FestivalThe Restaurant Plays - HB Studio

Playwrights: Karen Ludwig, Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky, Agnes Garrett, Alex Ladd, Stanley Taub, Irven Rinard, Jenifer Badamo, Adam Delia, Michele Stuart, Jason Jung, Lisa Dahlborg, Nicole Pandolfo, Natalie Bates, David Loughlin, Philip Kushner, Steve Lore, June Daniel White, Nora Ferrari, C.S. Drury, Bill Quigley

Directors: Arthur French, Karen Ludwig, Giovanni Villari, Peter Klein, Michael Beckett, Catherine Siracusa, Sally Burtenshwaw, Marlene Mancini, Adam LeGrant, Peter Zinn, Jenifer Badamo, Christina Roussos, Raymond Zaniriri, Mary Fassino, Carol Rosenfeld.

Cast: Marlene Mancini, Richard Mawe, Jenifer Badamo, Suzanne Limozinere, Nancy Redman, Tom Timelli, Marci Occhino, Dawn McGee, Roger Rathburn, John Montague, Olivia Buckley, Mitch Tebo, Christopher Johnson, Mary Dillon, Hugh Heckman, Philip Kushner, Georgina Bates, Johanna Leister, Chris Brescia, Craig McNulty, Diane Dreher, Mark Ramsey, Nicole Pandolfo, Antony Raymond, June D White, Tammy Lang, Bill Quigley, James Webb, Karen Zechowy, Marina Re, Andrea Gallo, Sean Walsh, Don Marlette, Michele Stuart, Jay Rivera, Eddie Wong, Yasuhito Miyazono, Stella Pejo, Brandi Robinson.

Assistant Directors: Iszellyn David, Shuiken Chan, Alexandra Breznay.

The Restaurant Plays were performed on December 12th – 20th


Patsy and Ed by Karen Ludwig: Lovers Patsy and Ed are on their honeymoon trip ordering food at a kosher delicatessen in New York City. As they talk, Ed seems disinterested in the conversation which bothers Patsy.

For Art by Carolyn Boriss-Krimsy: At a cozy West Village restaurant, lawyer, Maurice and his best friend, Blair meet for lunch to talk about Maurice’s new engagement and a recent surprising event.

Marco’s Venetian by Agnes Garrett: Joanne sits for dinner at Marco’s Venetian, an Italian restaurant in the Bronx as she waits for her older brother, Frankie to deliver the news of a job promotion as a Chase Bank Manager, but follows up with some bad news.

The Confession by Alex Ladd: In an empty diner, a devastated priest confesses to a waitress his act of committing a cardinal sin, breaking two of God’s commandments.

Dating Complications by Stanley Taub: Allison and Greg have never met in person but were introduced on the internet through E- Harmony. They are meeting for the first time at the Stage Deli for lunch when they find out they’re a perfect match!

The Ghost Who Came to Dinner by Irven Rinard: Sitting for dinner at the Chelsea Cuisine restaurant is forty year-old, Peter and his wife, Jennifer. Moments later, Jennifer spots a ghost who points at her husband, a signal that he’s allegedly unfaithful.


By Myself by Philip Kushner: At a subway sandwich shop, millennial, Gilbert sits to enjoy his lunch when Millie, a recently widowed woman and Patti, a free spirit join in for a nice and pleasant conversation.

The Perfect Cup of Coffee by David Loughlin: After traveling all across from the out west of Wyoming, Gus and Shorty are on the hunt for the perfect cup of coffee. They come across a restaurant in the Green Mountains of Vermont in which Sally works at. Will they find the perfect cup?

Mondays by Natalie Bates: A Monday evening in a small Italian restaurant in New York City, Julia and her son, Raphael meet once again to fix Raphael’s troubled and trapped marriage with his partner, Anna.

Eat, Drink, and Sleep With the Fishies by Steve Lore: Owner of Café Baccalá, Tony and his wife, Ro get involved into an argument with employee, Fast Eddie as he maintains to influence their ten year-old son, Little Anthony into becoming a jockey.

Things from the Ocean by June Daniel White: At a diner located on the seedy side of the beach in Wilmington, North Carolina owner of restaurant Things from the Ocean, Vannie and waitress, Nessie discover the picture of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus on a tray of oysters. After the restaurant almost being foreclosed both women think this is a sign from God.

Passage by Nora Ferrari: At an Italian restaurant in the Bronx, Tony waits for his fiance Kathleen to arrive for dinner. After a few moments, Kathleen reveals that she wants to become a nun, this shocks Tony who begins an argument with her.

Found by C.S Drury & Bill Quigley: In a coffee shop in Manhattan, Brian sits as he waits for his friend, Jamie to return from a restaurant delivery. After a few moments, Brian dreams of declaring his love for Jamie and plans on running away with him to the Himalayas, when he comes to a sudden realization… 


Silent Waters Run Deep by Jenifer Badamo: Middle-aged women, Pat and Marion meet at Bamonte’s Restaurant in Brooklyn, where Pat confesses she broke up with her boyfriend and plans to take revenge in exchange for him being unfaithful.

No Dogs Allowed by Craig McNulty: A café in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen, Jane, a magazine writer tries to convince her friend, Pat to take care of her dog, Ajax while she’s away on a business trip to California.

Saracino’s Restaurant by Adam Delia: Once again at his father’s Italian restaurant, young man, Danny reminisces the years when he was a child in the restaurant and the impacts since he left three years ago.

The Technicality by Michele Stuart: On a midday weekend at an upscale restaurant in Manhattan, soon to be married couple, Lauren and Jake are sitting for lunch. Jake introduces a technicality contract, an exit strategy in which helps out both of them just in case their marriage doesn’t work out.

Forbidden City by Jason Jung: In the Lum’s dining room, Pamela struggles dealing with her husband, Martin suffering from Alzheimer’s. Thinking he still works for his father’s restaurant, The Forbidden City, Martin doesn’t quite remember the valuable loving memories from his marriage.

The Sure Thing by Lisa Dahlborg: At a nice restaurant in New York City, Jake and Joy sit for lunch as they wait for their daughter, Clarissa, in order to discuss her new change of lifestyle from being a trapeze artist in a circus to working a corporate job with her fiance.

To Life by Nicole Pandolfo: Sisters, Debby and Marie, meet for dinner. While Marie is thinking of ordering the lobster, Debby is thinking of a whole-more like the fact she has cancer…