The Wedding Plays

One act play festival

Playwrights: Gusi Gram, Adam Kraar, Quincy Long, Julie McKee, Jocelyn Meinhardt, Daniel Reitz, Susan Sandler, Joe Sutton, Laura Shaine Cunningham, Donna deMatteo, Catherine Filloux, Alexandra Gersten- Vassilaros, Jacquelyn Reingold, James Ryan, Lydia Stryk, Tug Yourgrau

The Wedding Plays - Poster Flyer

Directors: James Ryan, Susan Einhorn, Deborah Offner, Michael Barakiva, Amy Wright, David Letwin, Susan Einhorn, Paul Weidner, Gus Kaikkonen, Jules Ochoa, Andy Goldberg, Marya Cohn, Kathleen Dimmick, Nela Wagman, Brad Rouse

Cast: Timothy Altmeyer, Victor Arnold, Mia Barron, Scotty Bloch, Larry Block, Stephanie Brooke, Molly Carden, Lynn Cohen, Drew Cortese, Sean Cullen, Tan Darrah, Jack Davidson, Dawn Evans, Dorothi Fox, Katherine Hiler, Abigail Lopez, Chaz Mena, Deborah Offner, Peter Rini, Marilyn Sokol, Daniel Cameron Talbott, Marc Vietor, Rosemary DeAngelis, Claudia Fielding, Ben Hammer, Matthew Hoverman, Lucy Little, Robin Moseley, Susan Pellegrino, P.J. Sosko, Mike Doyle, Eliza Foss, Bette Henritze, Ken Kliban, Lois Markle, Jane Nichols, Jesse Pennington, Jeanine Serralles, Anna Stumpf, Marc Vietor,

Artistic Director: William Carden Managing Director: Robert Callely Director of The Playwrights Unit: Pamela Berlin Set: David Korins Lighting: Chris Dallos Costume “Eve A”: Caitlin Stolley Costume “Eve B”: Maggie Lee-Burdorff Sound: Shane Rettig Production Managers: Matthew D. Britt, Melanie J. Morgan Stage Manager “Eve A”: Melanie J. Morgan Stage Manager “Eve B”: Tiffany Tillman Technical Director: Joshua Sherer

The Wedding Plays were performed June 8th – 27th of the year 2004.


Green Sappho Rising: A woman, Sappho, and her mother, Joanna are at a wedding. Sappho is feeling discouraged because she feels that the bride, Claire, always outshines her, so Sappho and her mother converse about the situation and what it is that’s bothering her.

Married Before: A couple that has both been wed before is scared to get wed once again. They reveal to each other how they feel about one another that leads to conflict, but slowly comes to a resolution.

Our Son’s Wedding: A couple, Mary and Angelo, goes to there gay son, Michael’s, wedding. As they are at the wedding Angelo complains about his son a lot, which leads to Mary revealing a lot of things Angelo did not know as they converse.

“Marriage a trois”: A war is coming and a couple, Ben and Maggie, are about to get wed in a field of trash. Maggie has second thoughts about marrying Ben and is pushing him to marry Rosa, a hispanic woman who collects trash, even though they have never even met.

Wedding Play : Two woman, Minda and Rita, are at Rita’s sister’s wedding. The both of them are jealous of the sister and converse about how spoiled and privileged the sister is.

Waukegan Wedding: Two brothers, Sam and Milton, are having a conversation about Sam’s wedding tomorrow. Milton is not thrilled for his brother because he’s going through his own problems with his wife, in addition he thinks the woman Sam is engaged with is too young for him.

Wedding Picture: The wedding ceremony is occurring and as the service is in session a man objects for them to get married. This leads to a bunch of conflict but is soon resolved in the most unexpected way.

Hope: A woman that goes by the name of Rita goes to the wrong wedding two times in the same day. She talks about her experience of it with another woman named Merle, a relative of the bride.

Little Monsters: A man named Phil, and a teenage girl, Tina, are conversing in a conference about recent events in their lives. It starts by Phil apologizing to Tina, since his wife assaulted her because she upset about marriage issues.

One Hand One Heart: A couple, Wendy and David, are about to get wed. But the minister, Quinn, is having some issues of his own. They converse about them with each other, a boy and a girl. After the conversation, unexpected things happen.

2B (Or Not 2B) Part 2: A woman, Franny, has had a tough break-up and after “became a bee”. She goes to the wedding of the man who broke her heart so she could kill him. In the process, she meets a piano boy at the wedding, Manny, and they connect right away.

Wedding Play #2: Brendan, a young man and the groom’s best man, is gossiping about what’s going on in the wedding, and after makes a speech as the best man in the wedding.

Venice in Vegas: A couple, Jack and Amy, are in a weird relationship and they’re about to get married. A gay friend of the couple, Mark, converses shocking experiences and stories that the couple are involved in.

The Lovely Just So: An old couple is about to get wed and they discuss about their plans and life after getting married.

The End of Civilization As We Know It: Two old women, Edith and Be, who have led strong secret lives for a long time are conversing about their past relations with each other.

John’s Dad: John and his dad are having a serious conversation because John’s dad got upset over something. As the conversation continues they start talking about their father-and-son relationship and the decisions John’s dad made in the past.

Just The Two of Us: A couple, Roger and Susan, are having a private wedding. Mr. Johnson, the justice of the peace, is having difficulties with having them wed. He eventually brings his wife to be witness, and she shares opinions of her own about the marriage.

Wedding Play #3: A male biology teacher, Chalabian, and a girl highschool student, Mandy, are in a relationship. They have been caught in a situation that is looked at by others as kidnapping of the girl but in their eyes they are in a relationship. The police are after them, so they devise a plan which consist of getting married so the man doesn’t go to jail.