The Hospital Plays

One Act Play Festival

Playwrights: Neena Beber, Laura Cunnigham, Donna de Matteo, Catherine Filloux, Alexandra Gersten, Adam Kraar, Quincy Long, Julie Mckee, Jocelyn Meinhardt, Lisa-Maria Radano, Jacqueln Reingold, Daniel Reitz, Susan Sandler, Tug Yourgrau

Directors: Amy Saltz, John Steber, Jean Randich, Ethan Silverman, Guy Boyd, Marya Cohn, Thoma Caruso, Amy Wright, Carol Rosenfeld, Susan Einhorn, Kathleen Dimmick, John Coles, Joe Brancato

Cast: Betsy Aidem, Larry Block, Guy Boyd, Julie Boyd, Carla Briscoe, Gary Brownlee, Elizabeth Bunch, Marylouise Burke, Molly Carden, Patrick Darragh, Jack Davidson, Cecilia deWolf, Michael Esper, Gregory Esposito, Christine Farrell, Laura Flanagan, Dorothi Fox, Nancy Giles, Rod Grader, Kristin Griffith, Suzanna Hay, Larissa Kiel, Francesco LoJacono, Nikki Maack, Julie Mond, Carole Monferdini, Anne O’ Sullivan, Brenton popolizio, Eric Rasmussen, Courtney Reynolds, Adam Rose, Joan Rosenfels, Sidney Williams, Toshi Yamamoto

Director of the Playwrights Unit: Pamela Berlin, Casting Director: Cindi Rush, C.S.A., Set Design: Michael Schweikardt, Lighting Design: John Lasiter, Costume Design: Evening A- Mary Margaret O’ Neil, Costume Design: Evening B- Christopher Peterson, Sound Design: Evening A- John Kadela, Sound Design: Evening B- Robert Auld, Production Stage Managers: David Apichell, Richard Hodge

The Hospital Plays were performed June 5th – 24th, 2001

A Case of You: Kim is in the hospital due to an accident with her son Bobby at her side. During this play, Bobby and his mother get into arguments over another family member. 

The Volunteer: Emily is a hospital volunteer who has an in depth conversation about life while being fired by her superior, Dr. Samuels. 

Aftermath: While in the hospital Muriel talks to a candy striper about how her husband betrayed her. 

Jiley Nance and Lednerg: Jiley is a woman who visits a hospital for testing and encounters an old enemy.  

The Beauty Inside: A mother, Peri and her pregnant daughter, Yalova have a heartfelt conversion about life. 

El Depresso Espresso: A depressed woman, Liv visits a clinic and speaks to two doctors who talk about finding happiness. 

In Bed with Kafka/ Kafka in Bed: Patient K and his significant other, F have a discussion with Dr. X  after they receive news that patient K is terminally ill. 

Hokey-Pokey: A woman, Vivien has a conversation with a man in the hospital bed next to hers.

Her Name Is Kathy: This story revolves around a conversation between a lawyer and the son of a famous judge after a fatal car crash. 

Homer Falls: Two men are sharing a hospital room when they realize they have connection from the past.

Surviving Mom: This story is about Elsa and Suzy, a mother and daughter who discuss life while in a hospital. 

The Hospital Play: A man and a woman in a waiting room talk about their former marriage to each other.

Stand up Hospital: A stand up comedian does a show in a hospital wing.