The Airport Plays

Playwrights: Neena Beber, Catherine Filloux, Alexandra Gersten, Dmitry Lipkin, Quincy Long, Julie McKee, Daniel Reitz, Ari Roth, Peter Sagal, Joe Sutton, Jay Tarses, Tug Yourgrau

The Airport Plays - HB Studio

Directors: Jessica Bauman, Aleksy Burago, Kevin Confoy, Deborah Hedwall, Caroline Kava, Kimberly I. Kefgen, Jordan Lage, James Milton, Jules Ochoa, Shira Piven, Jean Randich and David Simonds

Cast: Jessica Allen, Marc Ardito, Peter Birkenhead, Victoria Boothby, Robert Burke, Shannon Burkette, Snezhana Chernova, Caitlin Clarke, Tami Dixon, Tom Draper, Ryan Dunn, Joel Garland, Grant Goodman, Pamela Jayne Gray, Paula Gruskiewicz, Michelle Hurst, Rhonda Jensen, Diana LaMar, Julie Fain Lawrence, Salem Ludwig, Jason J. Madera, Tony Martinez, Jennifer McGowan, Sheryl Moller, Julia Mueller, Harsh Nayyar, Patricia O’Grady, David Prete, Gerriane Raphael, Richard Rodriguez, Martin Shakar, Godfrey L. Simmons Jr and Amy Wright

Set: Andy Warfel Lighting: Chris Dallos Sound: Robert Auld Costume: Deborah R. Rosen and Kyra Svetlovsky Technical: Carlo Adinolfi Production Stage Manager: Kimberly I. Kefgen Stage Managers: Gro Engelstoft, Ruth McKee, Liz Sabia Artistic Director: William Carden Managing Director: Robert Callely

The Airport Plays were performed June 8th – 27th.


Departures: Two sisters, Pauline and Jane, were conversing  in the airport as they were about to board the plane. Pauline starts having a sort of anxiety so she holds off on going on the plane, but as the last call for boarding is announced they finally rush to get on the plane.

Storks: Anne is a woman who is accompanying  her aging grandmother back to her home in France and while waiting for the flight discuss life choices and regrets.

The Airport Play: A woman and a man waiting at an airport terminal form a connection through literature and eventually have an in depth conversation about life in which they consul each other.

I AM LAIKA: Two dogs in an airport pet carrier bond over what they perceive as unjust treatment.

The Flight of the Last Calhoon: Calhoon, a young man scared to go on an airplane, complains to the dentist about his situation. After, the dentist puts Calhoon to sleep to remove his wisdom tooth, and he has a dream of his mother and father.

HAERE MAI KI AOTEAROA:  Fiona is entering New Zealand and as she waits to enter she converses with herself.

Where I Come From: An American couple converses about middle eastern people and culture not knowing that a middle eastern man named Aziz was waiting in the airport with them. The woman named Shay converses and flirts with Aziz everytime Mark, the man who was with Shay, left to go to the store.

Terminal Connection: While in an airport terminal, Cordella and Morgan are having a long conversation with each other. Cordella is supposed  to go home to her family but is restricted not by force but by the words of Morgan to not go home. The end result leads both of them to go home.

Happenstance: Amy and Martin, two old lovers run into each other at an airport and talk about their current lives.

Layover: Four strangers in an airport lounge bond over “making love”.

Cecila: A man tells a woman about his play in an airport terminal and tries to convince her to let him use her likeness for a character. 

Peanuts:  In a departure gate, an elderly couple, Herb and Frances wait with there friend Phil to board an old propellor plane. As they are going through the process the Gate Agent is giving everyone a very hard time.


Voir Dire

An HB Studio Performance

Playwright: Joe Sutton Voir Dire - HB Studio

Director: William Carden

Cast: Tamaris Canals, Todd Gearhart, Laura Sametz, Lynn Cohen, Sally Stewart, Dorothea Harahan, Kevin Gleason

(Director): William Carden (Lighting): Chris Dallos (Costume): Chris Field (Sound): Doretta Berry (Production Stage Manager): Kimberly I. Kefgen (Casting): Stuart Howard, Amy Schecter, Howard Meltzer

Voir Dire was performed from March 26th- April 11th, 1998

Synopsis: A prominent black man is arrested for buying crack. His lawyer says he was framed, set up by a racist white cop. It is left to a jury of six (as is the case in misdemeanors and many civil cases in New York State), a racially mixed group of five women and one man, to decide who is telling the truth. This they do over three brutal, often explosive days of harrowing deliberation, as we take a peek behind the one door that will always remain closed to us—the door to the jury room.


Short Eyes

HB Studio Production- Short Eyes
HB Studio Production- Short Eyes by Miguel Pinero

HB Studio Production of Short Eyes

Playwright: Miguel Pinero

Director: William Carden

Cast: Ted Brunson, Cooley, Doc Dougherty, Ian Friday, Danny Gonzales, H. Clark Kee, Rey Lucas, Joseph Murphy, Andre Royo, Otto Sanchez, Alem Brhan Sapp, Bill Timmins, Guy Whitlock

Set: Ray Recht Lightning: Chris Dallos Costumes: Tonya Canada Sound: Becca Blackwell Fight: Ian Marshall Technical Director: Carlo Adonolfi Casting: Nadette Stasa Production Stage Manager: Kimberly I. Kefgen

Short Eyes was performed November 5th – 22nd

Synopsis: This powerful drama of prison life is set in a house of detention where a group of young convicts-predominantly black and Puerto Rican-taunt, fight, insult, and entertain one another in an attempt to preserve their sanity and to create a semblance of community. When a young white prisoner accused of child molesting is thrown into the cell block by a guard who says he belongs in Sing Sing because “the men up there konw what to do with degenerates like you,” the stage is set for an explosive series of events; for, among prisoners, this child molester called “short eyes” is the lowest of criminals.

St. George and the Dragon at Christmas Tide

An HB Ensemble Holiday Production

Playwright: Marjorie Sigley

Directors: Lake Simmons and Trudy Steibl

Cast: Allison Abrams, Selcuk Karabag, Molly Carden, Kathleen McKee, Harold Lehmann, Laurence Levy, Hal Hunsinger, Chris Sutherland, David Adams, David Fulford, Robert Glen Dioguardi, Sarah Sommers, Ethan Hova, Alexandra Cohen Spiegler, Kurt Fitzpatrick, Hailley Schwartz, Casey Kimura, Bill Dealy, Lisa Johnson, Dainya Anderson, Elizabeth Roese, Stephanie Laskin, Dillon Mohammed, Elizabeth Alspelter, Emma Therese Biegacki, Shlomi Elkabetz, Jeanne Henry, Delia Kelly, Evan Schwartz, Suzanne Wasik, Mariaj Widman, Alison Bristow, Alyse Ebru Eldek, James Henry, Miho Inoue, Diane Merkel, Maxford Pieters

Director: Lake Simmons Choreography: Mary Anthony, Paul Friedman Fight: Ian Marshall Lighting: Josh Allen Sound: Robert Auld Sound Engineer: Mark Brigante Original Costumes: Kathy Berle Costume Coordinator & Additional Designs: Diane Simons Production Stage Manger: Kimberly I. Kefgen Stage Manager: Gro Engelstoft Assistant Stage Manager: Mary Lucia Hanover

St. George and the Dragon at Christmas Tide was performed December 18th – 19th, 21st-23rd, 26th-29th St. George and the Dragon at Christmastide - HB Studio