The Museum Plays

Playwright: Joe Sutton, Daniel Reitz, Julie McKee, Ari Roth, Catherine Filloux, Dmitry Lipkin, Neena Beber, Tug Yourgrau, Qunicy Long, Peter Sagal and Alexandra Gersten

Directors: Jean Wagner, Constance Grappo, Julie Boyd, Shira Piven, Eva Saks, Tim Cunningham, Allison Eve Zell, Stephanie Scott, Chris McCann, Alex Roe and Amy Wright

The Museum Plays | HB Studio

Cast: Sam Tsoutsouvas, Janet Zarish, Joan Matthiessen, Patrcia O’Grady, Martin Gobbee, Frederica Meister, John Fitzgibbon, Amy Wright, Michi Barrell, David Jung, Andrew Pang, Katherine Leask, Michael Ornstein, Sarah Trelease, Ed Vassallo, Liam Craig, Anna Grace, Ean Sheehy, Heather Carduff, Frank Girardeau, Michael Etheridge, Simon Fortin, Larry Nathanson, Fred Rivers, Janelle Schremmer, Troy Schremmer, Maureen Van Zandt, Marylouise Burke, Jayne Haynes, Michael Moran, Larry Pine, Mark Devine, John FitzGibbon, Edith Meeks, George Bartenieff and Richard Mawe

Set: Andy Warfel Lighting: Chris Dallos Sound: Robert Auld Costumes: Amela Baksic Production Stage Manager: Kimberly I. Kefgen Producer: India Cooper

The Museum Plays were performed June 9th – 28th of the year 1998.


Sensations: At a museum in London Amy, an observer, and Simon, a painter, talk about the meaning of the art as they flirt with each other.

Photographs from S-21:  Two paintings on a wall of a museum talk about each other, and what they see through a very strange perspective.

Two Jewish Men In Their 70s: Two men in their 70s conversing about how old people are treated, as they are sitting on a bench.

Pithecus: A couple, Jane and Frank, walk around the Museum of Natural History observing the prehistoric human section of it. As they observe, they converse about how the displays are drawn if the occurrence of these nomads was so long ago.

The Sixth Floor Museum: Two men, Dub and Lou, are walking around a museum talking about John F. Kennedy’s death and who killed him. After, two women, Belle and Patty, walk in the museum and start conversing with the two men.

Jill On A Recliner Reading: A woman at a restaurant in Madrid examines and talks about a painting that’s displayed for her by a Spanish painter she knew.

Divulgence At Damrak 18: At the Amsterdam sex museum, two women are in their seventies reflecting on their previous experiences with love.

Love and Yearning in the Not for Profits & Other Marital Distractions: Cordelia is speaking with her friend Claire on the phone, telling her how she got an offer from a wealthy businessman. She’s interested in the man, but she’s married and wants to take a risk as she thinks of what she’s doing as a game.

The Taliban: At a gallery for Afghanistan, a woman observes the art pieces with two men, Goldman and Rigby, as they converse about the Taliban and Afghanistan society.

Art For arts sake: When a woman brings her reluctant boyfriend to a museum, he opens up about his insecurities involving his own career.

TH FT: Two young men attempt to steal a painting in a gallery, yet only to be surprised by friends as they get caught.

Collected Stories

An HB Studio production

Playwrights: Donald MarguliesReview_Uta Hagen_Collected StoriesCollected Stories_Uta Hagen - HB Studio

Director: William Carden

Cast: Uta Hagen, Lorca Simons

Set: Ray Recht Lighting: Chris Dallos Sound: Robert Auld Costumes: Mirena Rada Casting: Adrienne Stern Production Stage Manager: Lloyd Davis, Jr

Collected Stories was performed from March 26th- April 3rd

Synopsis: This play explores the vexed emotional and legal question of a writer’s right to create art from the biographical material of another person’s life-particularly when that other person is also a writer. Meditating upon the recent, real-life conflict between poet Stephen Spender and novelist David Leavitt, Margulies has created two of the most vivid and moving fictional characters of his career: Ruth Steiner, an aging, highly regarded author who never wrote about her youthful affair with real-life poet Delmore Schwartz, and Lisa Morrison, a student of Steiner’s who, after publishing a much-ballyhooed first short-story collection under Steiner’s direction, follows up with a novel that draws upon the Schwartz affair. The result is charged drama with the depth and weight of the finest prose fiction.

Uncle Philip’s Coat

An HB Studio Production

Playwrights: Matty Selman, Larry Block

Director: Marcia Jean Kurtz

Set: Ray Recht Lighting: Chris Dallos Stage Management: Vienna Hagen Costume Design: Chris Field Artistic Director: William Carden Technical Director: Carlo Adinolfi Assistant Set Designer: Andris Krumkalns Associate Stage Manager: Avocado Pitt Assistant Stage Managers: Gene Kuhn, Madelyn Haward

Uncle Philip's Coat - HB Studio

Uncle Philip’s Coat was performed November 5th – 9th, 13th – 16th, 20th – 23rd

Synopsis: A young man inherits a tattered coat from his Uncle Philip, a Coney Island peddler who survived a pogrom. What begins as the young man’s journey to rid himself of the decrepit garment ends up in revelations about his family’s history. He finds new meaning in his own life as the old coat becomes the sacred coat of dreamers.

St. George and the Dragon at Christmas Tide

An HB Ensemble Holiday Production

Playwright: Marjorie Sigley

Directors: Lake Simmons and Trudy Steibl

Cast: Allison Abrams, Selcuk Karabag, Molly Carden, Kathleen McKee, Harold Lehmann, Laurence Levy, Hal Hunsinger, Chris Sutherland, David Adams, David Fulford, Robert Glen Dioguardi, Sarah Sommers, Ethan Hova, Alexandra Cohen Spiegler, Kurt Fitzpatrick, Hailley Schwartz, Casey Kimura, Bill Dealy, Lisa Johnson, Dainya Anderson, Elizabeth Roese, Stephanie Laskin, Dillon Mohammed, Elizabeth Alspelter, Emma Therese Biegacki, Shlomi Elkabetz, Jeanne Henry, Delia Kelly, Evan Schwartz, Suzanne Wasik, Mariaj Widman, Alison Bristow, Alyse Ebru Eldek, James Henry, Miho Inoue, Diane Merkel, Maxford Pieters

Director: Lake Simmons Choreography: Mary Anthony, Paul Friedman Fight: Ian Marshall Lighting: Josh Allen Sound: Robert Auld Sound Engineer: Mark Brigante Original Costumes: Kathy Berle Costume Coordinator & Additional Designs: Diane Simons Production Stage Manger: Kimberly I. Kefgen Stage Manager: Gro Engelstoft Assistant Stage Manager: Mary Lucia Hanover

St. George and the Dragon at Christmas Tide was performed December 18th – 19th, 21st-23rd, 26th-29th St. George and the Dragon at Christmastide - HB Studio