The Subway Plays

One Act Play Festival

Playwrights: Cusi Cram, Laura Shaine Cunnigham, Donna deMatteo, Catherine Filloux, Alexandra Gersten, Adam Kraar, Quincy Long, Julie McKee, Jocelyn Meinhardt, Edward Napier, Lisa-Maria Radano, Theresa Rebeck, Daniel Reitz, Susan Sandler, Joe Sutton, David Wiener, Tug Yourgrau

Directors: Amy Wright, Will Frears, Susan Einhorn, Christopher McCann, Nina Steiger, Nela Wagman, Jules Ochoa, Kent Paul, Christian Parker, Susan Einhorn, Linsay Firman, Julie Boyd, Marcia Jean Kurtz, Marcia Jean Kurtz, Amy Saltz, Linsay Firman, Susan Einhorn

Cast: Jen Albano, Brad Bellamy, Kenjuan Bentley, Larry Block, Brie Bryant, Marylouise Burke, Johann Carlo, Molly Carden, Anna Cody, Alex Cooper, John Daggett, Matthew Dawson, Stephan DeRosa, Doc Dougherty, John FitzGibbon, Lanny Flaherty, Fiona Gallagher, Kate Gersten, Maribel Gonzalez, Kathryn Grody, Sean Gullette, Edward A. Hajj, Katherine Hiler, Annabel LaLonde, Aarah Lord, Laura Marks, Bruce McCarty, Alexandra Napier, Rebeca Nelson, Matte Osian, Walter Pagan, Susan Pellegrino, Keith Powell, Dana Reeve, Dave Rosenberg, Caesar Samayoa, Stephen Singer, Michael Smith, Nick Toren, Marisa Vural

Scene: Michael Schweikardt Lighting: Chris Dallos Sound: Sten Severson Costume “Evening A”: Mary Margaret O’Neill Costume “Evening B”: Amela Baksic Production Manager: David Apichell Production Stage Manager “Evening A”: Sarah Keener Production Manager “Evening B”: Conor J. Loughran Director of the Playwrights Union: Pamela Berlin

The Subway Plays were performed June 10th – 29th

The D Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore by Laura Shaine Cunningham –  On a night train two men, Tom and Stanley greet two women who have just arrived in New York.

A Moment Defined by Cusi Cram: A woman and her boyfriend on a train to Brooklyn argue over their feelings toward each other.

Gerald And Josie…A Love Story by Donna de Matteo: On a subway platform Gerald and Josie, a husband and wife fight against a robber.

THE G Word by Catherine  Filloux: In a subway car a U.N General and Lemkin, a younger woman make a surprising connection.

Actresshead by Alexandra Gersten: Dolly, a 20 year old women and Hari, a middle aged man on a train talk about her acting career.

Brecht And The West Coast Offense by Quincy Long:  Two train workers and a woman waiting have an insightful conversation.

Colorful Past by Jocelyn Meinhardt: Natasha and Jake, two college students waiting on a trail platform talk about their childhoods.

Red Signal by Lisa Maria Radano: A mother, her young daughter, and a stranger get stuck in a train tunnel after a technical malfunction.

You Belong To Me by Daniel Reitz: Susan and Robby, two former lovers reconcile after they run into each other on a train.

The French by Joe Sutton: A french couple and an American man, Horace bond on a stalled train car.

No Exit by Theresa Rebeck: Three women, Julia, Stephanie, and Holly have several feuds as they’re in a stopped train on their way to a baby shower.

HB Studio's - The Subway Plays



War in Paramus

An HB Studio Production

Playwright: Barbara Dana

Director: William Carden

Cast: Anthony Arkin*, Beth Bartley*, Daisy Eagan*, Michael Hirstreet, John D. McNally*, David Rosenberg, Amy Wright*.

Scene: Ray Recht Lighting: Chris Dallos Costume: Amela Baksic Sound: Sten Severson Production Manager: David Apichell* Stage Manager: Christine McBridge Assistant Director: Catherine Siracusa Technical Director: Josh Sherer Master Electrician: Kathleen Peirce Sound Board Operator: Lawrence A. Aeschliman Scenic Construction: Michael L. Marra, Scott Sloan Electrics Crew: Joseph O’Keefe, J. Michael Zygo Paint Crew: Mary-Ellen Loukas, James Wilson

*Appearing Courtesy of Actor’s Equity Foundation

War in Paramus was performed April 12th – 26th, 2003

Synopsis: This play is about a wild, rebellious, fifteen year old girl in a conservative family living in Paramus, New Jersey, who’s conventional older sister, who always does everything right, is getting married because she’s twenty-two and that’s what you do. Tensions rise until the young girl sets fire to Ethical Culture where the wedding is scheduled to take place. Set in 1970, the war in the family is so all consuming that the Vietnam War, happening somewhere “over there”, is an afterthought.

War in Paramus - HB Studio

The Noise Room

A Work-in-Progress Special Presentation

Playwright: Ruth McKee

Director: Trudy Steibl

Cast: Molly Carden, Annabel La Londe, Michael McTiernan, Dillon Mohammed, Sarah Sommers

Scene Design: Valerie Green Managing Director: Robert Calley Artistic Director: William Carden

The Noise Room was performed March 5th – 9th, 2003The Noise Room - HB Studio

New World Rhapsody

An HB Studio 2002 Herbert Berghof Memorial Production

Playwright: Adam Kraar

Director: William Carden

Cast: Carla Briscoe*, Richard J. Canzano*, Ed Chemaly, Jerusha Klemperer*, Jodi Lin*, Caesar Samayoa*, Amy Wright*.

Scenic Design: Michael Schweikardt Lighting Design: Ray Recht Costume Design: Mary Margaret O’Neill Sound Design: Sten Severson Production Stage Manager: David Apichell* Casting: Vice Liebhart, Tom Alberg Choreography: Liz Curtis Assistant Director: Catherine Siracusa Technical Director: Obadiah Savage Master Electrician: Matthew D. Britt Set Construction Crew: Marc Fernandez & Eliam Kraien House Managers: Kathleen Peirce & James Wilson Electrics Crew: Sean Von Gorman & Joseph O’Keefe

*Appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association

New World Rhapsody was performed November 16th – December 8th, 2002

Synopsis: Born in the U.S. but raised in Asia, Lenny, 21, arrives in New York City bursting with plans of doing amazing things in the multi-cultural mecca he’s loved from afar. Lenny gets an alarming crash course in reality – but refuses to give up his American dream.

New World Rhapsody - HB Studio


An HB Studio Production

Playwright: Patricia Valdez

Director: David Apichell

Cast: Sanjiv Parikh, Anna Hughes, Fernando Gambaroni, Brian Flanagan, Amanda Plant, Paula Dattner

Artistic Director: William Carden, Managing Director: Robert Callely, Production Manager: David Apichell, Administrative Director: Matthew D. Britt.

Whistleball was performed on September 4th-6th, 2002