Inca of Perusalem

An HB Studio Student Workshop Production

Playwright: George Bernard Shaw

Director: Carol Rosenfeld

Cast: Dena Beth Alan, Edmund Day, Maggie DeVora, Andy McCutcheon, Jess Osuna, James Wilson.

Stage Managers: Catherine Kjome, Celeste Gregoire, Lorena Arancibia, and David Shih.

Inca of Perusalem was performed on January 25th-27th, 2005

Synopsis: In a hotel sitting room the Princess is met by the hotel manager. Ermyntrude, now dressed very plainly gets the job as her lady’s maid. Captain Duval, a messenger from the “Inca of Perusalem” appears with news that Inca wants one of his sons to marry the Princess. Ermyntrude realises that the messenger is in fact the Inca in disguise. She offers to return the trick, by pretending to be the Princess to find out what his intentions are. The Princess, who is very timid, agrees to let Ermyntrude take charge. Ermyntrude receives the “captain” with an air of great superiority. She is given a gift of a jewel, designed by the Inca, but she is horrified by its size. The Inca is impressed by the “Princess”‘s grand manner and reveals his true identity. However, he says that he recognises Ermyntrude. He knows she is the Archdeacon’s daughter, not the Princess. But she is so convincing as a princess that now he wishes to marry her himself. Unfortunately he already has a wife, so he suggests they should to convert to Islam so he can legally have another one. Ermyntrude says the Inca is far too poor for her, since his country is going bankrupt because of its foolish war. The Inca says that the war will result in his overthrow and the creation of a republic, but this will not be a problem as he will be elected as “super-president” of the republic. He then says how surprised he is by the popularity of the war in his homeland. He used to rely for popularity on his contributions to art, literature and science, but he was ignored. Now the mass killing in the war leads to cheering crowds. Despite being turned down for marriage, the Inca offers to take Ermyntrude on a drive round the town. She accepts, but emphasises that she will “refuse any incorrect proposals” he makes to her.

Sleeping Arrangements

An HB Staged Reading

Playwright: Laura Shaine Cunningham

Sleeping Arrangements was performed during the 2005-206 season

Synopsis: A moving, funny memoir of a wildly unorthodox Bronx childhood in the 1950’s–the story of a girl who starts out fatherless, is orphaned at 8, is raised by two extremely odd strangers who happen to be her uncles, and slowly accumulates for herself a strong and–no matter how eccentric–deeply loving family.

The Quick-Change Room

An HB Ensemble Production

Playwright: Nagle Jackson

Director: Karen Ludwig

Cast: George Bartenieff, Georgina Bates, Felipe Bonilla, Fabio Costaprado, Beth Dzuricky, Lisa Ingrisano, Amanda Plant, Carol Rosenfeld, Sean St. John, Tom Tagliente

The Quick-Change Room was performed July 13th-29th

Synopsis: Set against the crumbling of the Soviet Union, as observed backstage at the Kuzlov Theater in St. Petersburg, THE QUICK- CHANGE ROOM is the comedic metaphor for the too-rapid transformation of Russia from communism to free-market capitalism. Nina, the daughter of the wardrobe mistress, has been cast as Irina in a revival of Chekhov’s The Three Sisters. Using her considerable talents—theatrical and otherwise—she persuades management that what Chekhov’s play needs in the New Russia is “music…some songs…maybe even some dances.” Chekhov’s masterpiece becomes, for marketing purposes, an American style musical titled O My Sister! The venerable artistic director is kicked upstairs—after all, “Russia doesn’t need great men now; it needs clever men”—and the long-reigning prima donna ends up working in wardrobe. A funny-sad commentary on current events, the metaphor of the quick-change room is not lost on the audience as the world around the acting troupe changes as drastically and as quickly as the world outside.

The White House Plays

One act play festival

Playwrights: Joe Sutton, Laura Shaine Cunnigham, Catherine Filloux, Lydia Stryk, Sharr WhiteThe White House Plays - HB Studio, Adam Kraar, Quincy Long, Tug Yourgrau, Frank Basloe, David Wiener, Daniel Reitz, Joan Vail Thorne, Amy Evans

Directors: Sturgis Warner, Amy Wright, Debbie Saivetz, Karen Ludwig, Adam Forgash, Randy White, Kathleen Dimmick, Susan Einhorn, Randy White, Andrew Grasso, Adam Forgash, Paul Widener

Cast: Daniel Ahearn, Katherine Barron, Michael Boswell, Rob Breckenridge, Catherine Llyod Burns, Drew Cortese, Michael Countryman, James Demarse, Beth Dixon, Shawn Elliot, John Fitzgibbon, J.R. Horne, Joy Jones, John Juback, Ann Lange, Robert LaVelle, David Little, Quincy Long, Carol Monferdini, Ron Moreno, Saxon Palmer, Susan Pellegrino, Jeff Pucillo, Patricia Randell, Laura Sametz, Alex Smith, Christopher Stack, Charles Stransky, Caroline Strong, Mike Szeles, Tamilla Woodward

Artistic Director: William Carden Director of Playwrights Unit: Pamela Berlin Producer: Shiraz Biggie Set: Troy Hourie Lighting: Greg MacPherson Costume “Eve A”: Suzanne Chesney Costume “Eve B”: Naomi Wolff Sound: Bray Poor Stage Manager “Eve A”: Elizabeth Paige Stage Manager “Eve B”: Allison Roberts

The White House Plays were performed June 7th – 26th of the year 2005.


Punk’d: An actor, Ashton Kutcher and the president of the United States are having a private meeting because the presidents daughters went to the actors house and smoked marijuana. As the meeting prolongs, the president proposes an idea to the actor of pranking them to teach them a lesson of not using drugs.

In the Lincoln Bedroom: Someone who looks and sounds like, Abraham Lincoln, gives a Republican couple, Clem and Christy, a speech that helps settle their differences. This takes place in Abraham Lincoln’s old bedroom in the White House.

A White House Play # 1: A woman named, Bullock and a man named, Lucas, have a meeting with a famous Hollywood director pitching an idea about a movie.

The Van Buren Cloak Room: A woman named Ellen is being interrogated in an enclosed room by a woman in the Secret Service because as she was touring the White House she said something offensive towards a picture of the president.

Passion.com: The President is visioning a soldier, that he’s seen get killed, in a form of a “ghost” that only he can see. As a reverend arrives to come to his aid, he continues to speak to the ghost that only he can see, and has the reverend thinking he’s not sober.

Barbershop: The president, his aide and barber, are talking about their wives and there relationships as the president is getting his haircut and reading playboy magazine.

A White House Play #2: A gay couple, Julian, a 60 year old multi-millionaire famous from his art, and Chad, a 30 year old man, are about to go in the Oval Room of the White House for a meeting to admire the accomplished arist Julian. Before they go in they converse about the situation they are in.

The Last Standing Protestor: A woman is speaking to the audience, and asking them what enrages them about this world.

Geneva: The play starts as the president and two other people, Tanner and Flannery, are in the president’s room discussing about Geneva. After, there’s a transition in the play which makes it seem like the actors are going off script, but in reality the actor who is playing Tanner makes it seem like he doesn’t want to continue to act in the play because of his position on the topic of the play.

The Third Temple: A woman, Miriam, expecting a job opportunity of a teacher, is met with a strange interview with a meticulous man that goes by the name of X at the white house. X knows a lot about the woman Miriam which creeps her out as She is also presented with a job opportunity that is far different then what she has expected.

A White House Play #3: Two woman, Mills and Jane, and a man named Lance Corporal Evans are waiting outside the Oval Room with the president and other political leaders are in. As Jane is waiting to go in she converses with Mills and in the middle of the conversation it is as though the man starts speaking to Jane abruptly.

Higher Power: The president, his wife, the vice president and deputy chief of staff, are in white house private quarters. A voice that is supposed to be God is in the room giving commands to everyone.

Under the Bed

An HB Ensemble Performance

Playwright: Susan Sandler Under The Bed - HB Studio

Director: Gus Kaikkonen

Cast: Scotty Bloch, Cynthia Harris, Joel Rooks, Marilyn Sokol, Joyce Van Patten

Set: Ray Recht Lighting: William Armstrong Costume: Suzanne Chesney Sound: Robert Auld Choreographer: Liz Curtis Associate Choreographer: Tony Scheppler Production Stage Manner: Shiraz Biggie Technical Director: Christopher Hoyt Casting Consultant: Stephanie Klapper Running Crew: Takumi Mitobe, Jorge Esguiera, Matthew Tischler, Julio Pena, Koichiro Scenic Charge Artist: Adris Krumkalns Scenic Artist: Chelsea Clarke, Amanda Raglevsky Technical Director: Christopher Hoyt Master Carpenter: Michael Merunka, Jr. Electrics Crew: Matthew D. Britt, Andrew Kerr-Thompson, Benjamin C. Tevelow, Krista Kujat Build Crew: Noelle Neglia, Tadhg O’Mordha, David Sih, Matthew Tischler, Luchia Dragosh, Marissa Vila, Ryen Herrman, Mary Willis White, Kathleen Peirce.

Appearing Courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association

Under the Bed was performed April 20th – May 5th, 2005

Vassa Zheleznova

An HB Performance

Playwright: Maxim Gorky


Vassa Zheleznova was performed during the 2004-2005 season

Synopsis: There are no miracles in this world. Only those we make for ourselves. It’s 8am and a revolt is underway. The father is dying. The son is spying. The wife is cheating. The uncle is stealing. The mother is scheming. The dynasty is crumbling. One house. One fortune. One victor.  A tragic portrait of a woman with an iron will determined to root out the corruption in her family in order to keep control of the family business.