The Bedroom Plays

A One Act Play Festival

Playwrights: Alan Ayckbourn

Directors: Giovanni Villari, Jessica Shotwell, Marlene Mancini, Catherine Siracusa, Adam Delia, Arthur French, Jason Jung, Jim Mendrinos, Michael Beckett, Dawn Sofia, Cynthia Eisemann, Rochelle Oliver

The Bedroom Plays - HB Studio


Cast: Jody Prusan*, John Payne*, Suzanne Limozinere, Rachel Benbow Murdy*, Catherine Zubkow, Chris Johnson*, Kimber Monroe*, Delia Bannon, Morgana Cragnotti, Marlene Mancini*, Eric Rasmussen*, Hector Felix, Misha Braun, Nick Hepsoe, Claude Jay*, Eric McMillen*, Paul Eisemann, Philip Kushner*, Arnie Mazer, Gina Stahlnecker*, Marion Le Coguic, John Montague, Olivia Buckley, Dara O’Brien, Margaret Ritchie*, Craig McNulty*, Oliver Lipton, Barbara Tabor*, Glenn Beatty, Patricia Parker*, Laurel Casillo, Katy Frame*

Technical Director: Giovanni Villari Lighting Design: Alexander Bartenieff Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Office Manager: Susannah Robertson Assistant Stage Managers: Tracey Toth & Chandana Mahadeswaraswamy


The Bedroom Plays: Ten Minute Play Festival was performed on April 9 – April 27 2012


Short a Man

Last Night


I Believe in Bloody Mary

Over Easy

A Room Forever

Self Examination

Darkness to Light

Beth and Ben


The Nutty Fella

Long Time Coming

Interrupted Bliss

What They Don’t Tell You

The War Trophy

Medal of Honor

Just Like Your Father

In Naked Time

The Edge of the Bed