The Office Plays

Set Designer: Nikolay Sviridchik Lighting Designer: Alexander Bartenieff Technical Director / Production Stage Manager: AJ Dobbs Managing Director of The HB Playwrights Foundation: Marlene Mancini Executive Director of The HB Playwrights Foundation: Donna de Matteo Artistic & Executive Director of HB Studio: Edith Meeks Evening A & B from Donna de Matteo's class Evening C from Julie McKee's classes

April 11-27, 2014

10-minute plays about the workplace from the HB Studio playwrights

The Office Plays:

Evening A

“Love 1: Love 2”
By Karen Ludwig
Cookie ….. Marlene Mancini*
Don ….. David Jacobs
Directed by Giovanni Villari

“Excessive Measures”
By Jason Jung
Bobby ….. Keegan McDonald
Jonas ….. Jason Jung
Directed by Adam Delia

“Perfectly Safe”
By Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky
Lydia ….. Suzanne Limozinere
Tommy ….. Michael Arena
Directed by Peter Zinn

“The Turn-Around”
By Rosemary DeAngelis
Man (Robert) ….. Lucas Raphael
Woman (Ms. Fields) ….. Jody Prusan*
Directed by Eric Rasmussen

“An Exercise in Deleterious Motivation”
By Margaret Ritchie
Rivet ….. John L. Payne*
Standhope ….. Luke Wise
Directed by Margaret Ritchie

“The Child’s Best Interest”
By Elizabeth Primamore
Gordon Gibson ….. Nick DeSimone
Heather Fielding ….. Jen Danby*
Jeffery Singer ….. Bryon O’Hanlon
Directed by Amy Wright

By Randy McHaney
Dr. Gatwood ….. Luda Millais
Miss Green ….. Melissa Sussman
Directed by Dawn Knipe
Assistant Director – Stephen Salbod

“The Senior Case Manager”
By David Loughlin
Deborah ….. Janine Hegarty
Jack ….. John L. Payne*
Directed by Giovanni Villari

Evening B

“And Make It Better”
By Natalie Bates
Edward Cooper ….. Philip Kushner*
Norman Horowitz ….. Eric Rasmussen*
Antonia Bliss ….. Georgina Bates
Marty Towers ….. Jason Jung
Directed by Karen Ludwig
Assistant to Director – Robert Grogan

“The Agency”
By Jean Bergantini Grillo
Emma ….. Tiffany C. Williams
Hector ….. Charles Black*
Office Runner ….. Michael Dermansky
Directed by Jean Bergantini Grillo

“The Consultation”
By Stanley Taub
Dr. Martin Caine ….. Stanley Taub
Female Patient ….. Olivia Buckley
Directed by Michael Beckett

“What Do You Want For Lunch”
By Ryan Davenport
Kevin Duncan ….. Nick Hepsoe
Mr. Arthur Duncan ….. Paul Eisemann
Directed by Adam Delia

“Homeland Security”
By Matthew Widman
Hastings ….. Billie Brouse
Hawthorne ….. Paul Eisemann
Brendan ….. Allan Mangaser*
Ivy ….. Tabitha Vidaurri
Directed by Gwynn MacDonald

“Dixie and Sea Bass Pitch Outside the Box”
By Claire Torn
Dixie ….. Ryan Bess Winnick
Sebastian ….. Sean Shannon
Micky ….. Craig McNulty*
George Port
Directed by Amy Wright

“A Job Offer”
By Maria Torres
Niels Bohr ….. Paul Eisemann
Lise Meitner ….. Ellen David*
Directed by Adam Delia

“Of Unsound Mind”
By Philip Kushner
Annie ….. Georgina Bates
Patrick ….. Eric Rasmussen*
Shooter ….. Philip Kushner*
Directed by Marlene Mancini

Evening C

“An Angry Heart”
By Perry Guzzi
Helen Kelleher ….. Mariah Freda
Will Augustin ….. Trey Ervine
Directed by Tim Butterfield

“What It Takes To Get Things Done In Washington”
By Andrew R. Heinze
LBJ ….. Mitch Tebo*
Blue ….. Dov Tiefenbach
Red ….. John Fennessy*
Directed by Eli Thacker Taylor

“Lonely At The Top”
By Jim Broaddus
Donna ….. Johanna Leister*
Sondra ….. Hayley Barrett
Barney ….. Jim Broaddus*
Directed by Laura Esterman

“Family Business”
By Jane Flanagan
Bert ….. Philip Carlson
Patricia ….. Alexandra Gellner
Directed by Julie Boyd

“Kissed Off”
By Andrew Marvel
Jeannie Donahue ….. Donna Svennevik
Caroline Blatt ….. Rita Marchelya*
Directed by Michael Manuelian

“My Wife”
By Inna Tsyrlin
Jonathan ….. Andrew Dawson*
Lochlan ….. Keithen Hergott
Directed by Joshua Lombard

By Emmett McConnell
Ana ….. Jody Moore*
Sonia ….. Heather Massie*
Lawrence Jenkins ….. Scott Williams
Directed by Joan Kane

“The Coven”
By Rita Marchelya
Tina ….. Jesse Barr*
Mandy ….. Nairoby Otero*
Directed by Kennedy Kanagawa

“Just Do It”
By Hila Ben Gera
Postman No. 1 ….. Joe Mullen
Postman No. 2 ….. Joel Malazita
Directed by Noel MacDuffie

 *Actor Appears Courtesy of Actors’ Equity. An Equity Approved Showcase.