The Office Plays

One Act Play Festival

Playwrights: Karen Ludwig, Jason Jung, Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky, Rosemary DeAngelis, Margaret Ritchie, Elizabeth Primamore, Randy McHaney, David Loughlin, Natalie Bates, Jean Bergantini Grillo, Stanley Taub, Ryan Davenport, Matthew Widman, Claire Torn, Maria Torres, Philip Kushner, Perry Guzzi, Andrew R. Heinze, Jim Broaddus, Jane Flanagan, Andrew Marvel, Inna Tsyrlin, Emmett McConnell, Rita Marchelya, Hila Ben Gera.

Directors: Giovanni Villari, Adam Delia, Peter Zinn, Eric Rasmussen, Margaret Ritchie, Amy Wright, Dawn Knipe, Karen Ludwig, Jean Bergantini Grillo, Michael Beckett, Gwynn MacDonald, Marlene Mancini, Tim Butterfield, Eli Thacker Taylor, Laura Esterman, Julie Boyd, Michael Manuelian, Joshua Lombard, Joan Kane, Kennedy Kanagawa, Noel MacDuffie.

Cast: Marlene Mancini*, David Jacobs, Keegan McDonald, Jason Jung, Suzanne Limozinere, Michael Arena, Lucas Raphael, Jody Prusan*, John L. Payne*, Luke Wise, Nick DeSimone, Jen Danby*, Bryon O’Hanlon, Luda Millais, Melissa Sussman, Janine Hegarty, Philip Kushner*, Eric Rasmussen*, Georgina Bates, Tiffany C. Williams, Charles Black*, Michael Dermansky, Stanley Taub, Olivia Buckley, Nick Hepsoe, Paul Eisemann, Billie Brouse, Allan Mangaser*, Tabitha Vidaurri, Ryan Bess Winnick, Sean Shannon, Craig McNulty*, Ellen David*, Mariah Freda, Trey Ervine, Mitch Tebo*, Dov Tiefenbach, John Fennessy*, Johanna Leister*, Hayley Barrett, Jim Broaddus*, Philip Carlson, Alexandra Gellner, Donna Svennevik, Rita Marchelya*, Andrew Dawson*, Keithen Hergott, Jody Moore*, Heather Massie*, Scott Williams, Jesse Barr*, Nairoby Otero*, Joe Mullen, Joel Malazita.

 *Actor Appears Courtesy of Actors’ Equity. An Equity Approved Showcase.

The Office Plays were performed on April 11-27 2014


Love 1: Love 2 by Karen Ludwig: In an office, middle-aged Cookie and young man, Don perform two sides of a record after a tape malfunction complaint from a customer.

Excessive Measures by Jason Jung: At a CIA office, Jonas and Bobby, two agents discuss a prisoner of war.

Perfectly Safe by Carolyn Boriss-Krismky: Lydia, a youthful looking therapist and client, Tommy discuss in an art therapy office about getting back Lydia’s husband.

To Turn Around by Rosemary De Angelis: Mailroom clerk, Robert Malcolm invites Ms. Fields, manager of the Secretarial Pool to a brunch date when they suddenly hear distant gunshots.

An Exercise in Deleterious Motivation by Margaret Ritchie: Executive Mr. Rivet welcomes Standhope, a Princenton graduate into his office. As they converse, Mr. Rivet introduces a new opportunity for him.

The Child’s Best Interest by Elizabeth Primarone: In an office of a family mediation institute, lawyer, Gordon and his wife, Heather discuss with a social worker in order to settle a custody dispute that is part of their divorce.

Cracks by Randy McHaney: Ms. Green, a new teacher at High Solutions Elementary privately discusses with principal Gatwood about a troubled student.

The Senior Case Manager by David Loughlin: In a facility for the formerly homeless, Deborah, a resident, enters the office of Jack, the Senior Case Manager. She wants relief from the pressure of imaginary break-ins, red-headed rivals, and space aliens who want to burn down the only home she’s ever known. She puts her last hope in the Senior Case Manager, a man who wants more out of life than Chinese take-out, and who finally agrees to help cure her feelings of intense loneliness and unrequited love.


….and Make It Better by Natalie Bates: A screenwriter meets with the head of a major production company to pitch his movie.

The Agency by Jean Bergantini Grillio: At a voting station, Emma, a new employee has a discussion with Hector, the employee whom she is replacing.

The Consultation by Stanley Taub: At a doctors office, a plastic surgeon consults a patient who is unhappy over a previous operation.

What Do You Want For Lunch, Kevin? by Ryan Davenport: Kevin’s father, CEO of a tech company and nineteen year-old, Kevin reminisce in his father’s office after his grandmother’s death.

Homeland Security by Matthew Widman: In an office setting, homeland security workers, Hawthorne and Hastings work together to pair up millenials, Ivy and Brendan into a relationship. Both workers give a brief rundown of their lives and state how they’re compatible for each other.

Dixie and Sea Bass Pitch Outside the Box by Claire Torn: Coworkers Sebastian and Dixie meet in their boss’ office to discuss their possibility in being part of The Roasters concert as the event coordinator’s assistant.

Of Unsound Mind by Philip Kushner: Co-workers, Annie and Patrick are surprised by Annie’s secret admirer who bargers into their office confessing his admiration for her.

A Job Offer by Maria Elena Torres: Niels Bohr is determined to convince his co-worker, Lise to stay in his Institute for Physics as she wants to move to Berlin where her laboratory is.


An Angry Heart by Perry Guzzi: At a music publishing company, charming and social, Will converses with his perfectionist co-worker, Helen about Chin Wa’s death. Will then proceeds to blame Helen for wishing her death, but she makes him contradict himself by proving him wrong.

What It Takes To Get Things Done In Washington by Andrew R Heinze: It’s 1957, the US Senate, and the LBJ must do the impossible: get a Northern liberal and a Southern conservative to agree on the first Civil Rights bill of the century, a bill that violates each one’s core principles. How will they do it?

Lonely at the Top by Jim Broaddus: Inside the CEO’s office at Dysfunction & Company, irrational Donna gets a lousy phone call from her husband, Barney who threatens to fire her if she doesn’t do what he pleases.

Family Business by Jane Flanagan: At an office in lower Manhattan, father and daughter, Bert and Patricia converse in his office about her mother’s grand scheme into involving Patricia into business.

Kissed Off by Andrew Marvel: In the New York headquarters of Green and Benderof, junior executive, Jeannie discusses with Caroline, director of human resources about obtaining a raise and a possible promotion.

My Wife by Inna Tsyrlin: In the president’s office of a prestigious firm in New York City, Jonathan invites Lochlan, a senior attorney into his office for a partner interview. What the president proposes next is unbelievable.

Conspiracy by Emmet McConnel: At an office in midtown Manhattan, publicity director, Sonia gets involved into an argument with the cleaning lady, Ana. Sonia then proceeds to call security in order to escort her out of her office.

The Coven by Rita Marchelya: Tina, creative assistant at an ad agency introduces a plan to sabotage an ad campaign and asks Mandy, an ambitious hard worker to help her.

Just Do It by Hila Ben Gera: At a local postal office in a small town, Postman NO. 1 recites the events that happened to him the night before which shocks his co-worker, Postman NO. 2. Both characters are work weary, not very bright, simple men. They’re best friends and both dream of a better life.

The Office Plays

April 11-27, 2014

10-minute plays about the workplace from the HB Studio playwrights

The Office Plays:

Evening A

“Love 1: Love 2”
By Karen Ludwig
Cookie ….. Marlene Mancini*
Don ….. David Jacobs
Directed by Giovanni Villari

“Excessive Measures”
By Jason Jung
Bobby ….. Keegan McDonald
Jonas ….. Jason Jung
Directed by Adam Delia

“Perfectly Safe”
By Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky
Lydia ….. Suzanne Limozinere
Tommy ….. Michael Arena
Directed by Peter Zinn

“The Turn-Around”
By Rosemary DeAngelis
Man (Robert) ….. Lucas Raphael
Woman (Ms. Fields) ….. Jody Prusan*
Directed by Eric Rasmussen

“An Exercise in Deleterious Motivation”
By Margaret Ritchie
Rivet ….. John L. Payne*
Standhope ….. Luke Wise
Directed by Margaret Ritchie

“The Child’s Best Interest”
By Elizabeth Primamore
Gordon Gibson ….. Nick DeSimone
Heather Fielding ….. Jen Danby*
Jeffery Singer ….. Bryon O’Hanlon
Directed by Amy Wright

By Randy McHaney
Dr. Gatwood ….. Luda Millais
Miss Green ….. Melissa Sussman
Directed by Dawn Knipe
Assistant Director – Stephen Salbod

“The Senior Case Manager”
By David Loughlin
Deborah ….. Janine Hegarty
Jack ….. John L. Payne*
Directed by Giovanni Villari

Evening B

“And Make It Better”
By Natalie Bates
Edward Cooper ….. Philip Kushner*
Norman Horowitz ….. Eric Rasmussen*
Antonia Bliss ….. Georgina Bates
Marty Towers ….. Jason Jung
Directed by Karen Ludwig
Assistant to Director – Robert Grogan

“The Agency”
By Jean Bergantini Grillo
Emma ….. Tiffany C. Williams
Hector ….. Charles Black*
Office Runner ….. Michael Dermansky
Directed by Jean Bergantini Grillo

“The Consultation”
By Stanley Taub
Dr. Martin Caine ….. Stanley Taub
Female Patient ….. Olivia Buckley
Directed by Michael Beckett

“What Do You Want For Lunch”
By Ryan Davenport
Kevin Duncan ….. Nick Hepsoe
Mr. Arthur Duncan ….. Paul Eisemann
Directed by Adam Delia

“Homeland Security”
By Matthew Widman
Hastings ….. Billie Brouse
Hawthorne ….. Paul Eisemann
Brendan ….. Allan Mangaser*
Ivy ….. Tabitha Vidaurri
Directed by Gwynn MacDonald

“Dixie and Sea Bass Pitch Outside the Box”
By Claire Torn
Dixie ….. Ryan Bess Winnick
Sebastian ….. Sean Shannon
Micky ….. Craig McNulty*
George Port
Directed by Amy Wright

“A Job Offer”
By Maria Torres
Niels Bohr ….. Paul Eisemann
Lise Meitner ….. Ellen David*
Directed by Adam Delia

“Of Unsound Mind”
By Philip Kushner
Annie ….. Georgina Bates
Patrick ….. Eric Rasmussen*
Shooter ….. Philip Kushner*
Directed by Marlene Mancini

Evening C

“An Angry Heart”
By Perry Guzzi
Helen Kelleher ….. Mariah Freda
Will Augustin ….. Trey Ervine
Directed by Tim Butterfield

“What It Takes To Get Things Done In Washington”
By Andrew R. Heinze
LBJ ….. Mitch Tebo*
Blue ….. Dov Tiefenbach
Red ….. John Fennessy*
Directed by Eli Thacker Taylor

“Lonely At The Top”
By Jim Broaddus
Donna ….. Johanna Leister*
Sondra ….. Hayley Barrett
Barney ….. Jim Broaddus*
Directed by Laura Esterman

“Family Business”
By Jane Flanagan
Bert ….. Philip Carlson
Patricia ….. Alexandra Gellner
Directed by Julie Boyd

“Kissed Off”
By Andrew Marvel
Jeannie Donahue ….. Donna Svennevik
Caroline Blatt ….. Rita Marchelya*
Directed by Michael Manuelian

“My Wife”
By Inna Tsyrlin
Jonathan ….. Andrew Dawson*
Lochlan ….. Keithen Hergott
Directed by Joshua Lombard

By Emmett McConnell
Ana ….. Jody Moore*
Sonia ….. Heather Massie*
Lawrence Jenkins ….. Scott Williams
Directed by Joan Kane

“The Coven”
By Rita Marchelya
Tina ….. Jesse Barr*
Mandy ….. Nairoby Otero*
Directed by Kennedy Kanagawa

“Just Do It”
By Hila Ben Gera
Postman No. 1 ….. Joe Mullen
Postman No. 2 ….. Joel Malazita
Directed by Noel MacDuffie

 *Actor Appears Courtesy of Actors’ Equity. An Equity Approved Showcase.

Balm in Gilead

An Ensemble Production

Playwright: Lanford Wilson

Director: Marshall W. Mason

Cast: Johnathan Hogan, Danton Stone, Laurie Metcalf, Gary Sinise, Giancarlo Esposito, Glenne Headly

Performances: December 5 – 22, 2013

Synopsis: Wilson’s first full-length play, Balm in Gilead centers on a café frequented by heroin addicts, prostitutes, and thieves. It features many unconventional theatrical devices, such as overlapping dialogue, simultaneous scenes, and unsympathetic lead characters. The plot draws a parallel between the amoral and criminal activity that the characters engage in to provide escape from their boredom and suffering, and the two main characters’ becoming a couple in order to escape from their lives


Six Playwrights in Search of a Production – Fall 2012

I, NIXON by Stanley Kutler
September 24/25, 8pm

SIMONE by David Loughlin
September 27/28, 8pm

EVERY TIME I FALL BACK by Jenifer Badamo
October 1/2, 8pm

October 4/5, 8pm

THE AMERICAN WIFE by Stephen Fife & Ralph Pezzullo
October 11/12, 8pm

VEILS by Nadine Bernard
October 15/16, 8pm

With: Wendy Baron, Jim Boerlin*, Misha Braun, Chris Brescia, Billie Brouse, Colin Chapin*, Matthew Conlon*, Morgana Cragnotti, Paul D’Amato*, Stephanie Jean Davis, Sharon DeCoursey, Adam Delia, Renée Delio, Paul Eisemann, Julia Eringer, Xavier Fiore, Anna Fishbeyn, Robert Grogan, Billy Hayes, Philip Kushner*, Courtney Lemkin, Marlene Mancini*, Andy McCutcheon*, Craig McNulty, Emily Jon Mitchell*, Amanda Nicastro, Anton Obeid, Julio C. Pena*, Jose Luis Pueyo Poves, Jody Prusan*, Eric Rasmussen*, Antony Raymond, Margaret Ritchie*, Tristan Sample, Lorraine Serabian*, Joe Stillman, Renée Taylor*, Jennifer Dorr White*, Catherine Zubkow…among others

*Member Actor’s Equity Association/An Equity Approved Showcase