Full Productions

Uncle Philip’s Coat

An HB Studio Production

Playwrights: Matty Selman, Larry Block

Director: Marcia Jean Kurtz

Set: Ray Recht Lighting: Chris Dallos Stage Management: Vienna Hagen Costume Design: Chris Field Artistic Director: William Carden Technical Director: Carlo Adinolfi Assistant Set Designer: Andris Krumkalns Associate Stage Manager: Avocado Pitt Assistant Stage Managers: Gene Kuhn, Madelyn Haward

Uncle Philip's Coat - HB Studio

Uncle Philip’s Coat was performed November 5th – 9th, 13th – 16th, 20th – 23rd

Synopsis: A young man inherits a tattered coat from his Uncle Philip, a Coney Island peddler who survived a pogrom. What begins as the young man’s journey to rid himself of the decrepit garment ends up in revelations about his family’s history. He finds new meaning in his own life as the old coat becomes the sacred coat of dreamers.


An HB Special Showcase of a Work-in-Progress

Playwright: Maria A. Suckaite Marina - HB Studio

Director: Jonas Jurasas

Cast: Laura Esterman

Marina was performed December 2nd – 4th

A play based of the poetry, diaries, and letters of Marina Tsvetaeva.

Boy Dies Dancing Mambo

An HB Studio Performance

Playwright: Arthur Giron Boy Dies Dancing Mambo - HB Studio

Director: Elinor Renfield

Cast: James Doerr, Felix Solis, Olivia Negron, Forrest Compton, Eddie Lew, Miguel Melendez

Set: Edmund A. LeFevre Lights: Chris Dallos Sound: Robert Auld Costume: Christine Field Stage Manager: Vienna Hagen

Boys Dies Dancing Mambo was performed March 28th – April 13th, 1996

Knives in Hens

An HB Studio Production

 Playwright: David Harrower

Director: Gus Rogerson

Cast: Christopher McCann, Robin Morse, Daniel Oreskes

Set: Neil Patel Lights: Chris Dallos Sound: David Van Tieghem Costumes: Moe Schell Dialect: Ralph Zito Production Stage Manager: Vienna Hagen Assistant Director: Corry Ouellette Technical Director: Carlo Adinolfi Dialect Coach: Pamela Nyberg Assistant Sound: Jill Duboff Assistant Stage Managers: Silvana Rugilo, Yukako Yamazoe Artistic Director: William Carden

Knives in Hens was performed July 19th – August 2nd

Synopsis:  This play is a brutal fable set in a timeless spartan rural community.

Knives in Hens - HB Studio

St. George and the Dragon at Christmas Tide

An HB Ensemble Holiday Production

Playwright: Marjorie Sigley

Directors: Lake Simmons and Trudy Steibl

Cast: Allison Abrams, Selcuk Karabag, Molly Carden, Kathleen McKee, Harold Lehmann, Laurence Levy, Hal Hunsinger, Chris Sutherland, David Adams, David Fulford, Robert Glen Dioguardi, Sarah Sommers, Ethan Hova, Alexandra Cohen Spiegler, Kurt Fitzpatrick, Hailley Schwartz, Casey Kimura, Bill Dealy, Lisa Johnson, Dainya Anderson, Elizabeth Roese, Stephanie Laskin, Dillon Mohammed, Elizabeth Alspelter, Emma Therese Biegacki, Shlomi Elkabetz, Jeanne Henry, Delia Kelly, Evan Schwartz, Suzanne Wasik, Mariaj Widman, Alison Bristow, Alyse Ebru Eldek, James Henry, Miho Inoue, Diane Merkel, Maxford Pieters

Director: Lake Simmons Choreography: Mary Anthony, Paul Friedman Fight: Ian Marshall Lighting: Josh Allen Sound: Robert Auld Sound Engineer: Mark Brigante Original Costumes: Kathy Berle Costume Coordinator & Additional Designs: Diane Simons Production Stage Manger: Kimberly I. Kefgen Stage Manager: Gro Engelstoft Assistant Stage Manager: Mary Lucia Hanover

St. George and the Dragon at Christmas Tide was performed December 18th – 19th, 21st-23rd, 26th-29th St. George and the Dragon at Christmastide - HB Studio

The Lady’s Not for Burning

An HB Studio Production

Playwright: Christopher Fry

Director: Marlene Mancini


The Lady’s Not For Burning was performed during the 1994-1995 season

Synopsis: Thomas Mendip, a discharged soldier, weary of the world and eager to leave it, comes to a small town, announces he has committed murder and demands to be hanged. A philosophical humorist, Thomas is annoyed when the officials oppose his request, even believing he is not guilty of the crime he suggests. Shortly afterward, a young woman, Jennet, is brought before the Mayor for witchcraft, but for some strange reason she has no wish to be put to death! Thomas tries, in his own way, to prove to the official how absurd it would be to refuse to hang a man who wants to be hanged, and at the same time to kill a woman who is not only guiltless, but doesn’t want to die. Jennet enjoys the banter, and soon sees the merit in Thomas the man. The Mayor’s family members, clerks and officials gather for an impending wedding and seem to be stuck with the dilemma of two uninvited people—who may or may not be hanged in the morning—who must be included in the prenuptial activities. Through the party and the night, the intended bride slips off with the orphan clerk, two brothers fight over the bride and later become bored over her, the Mayor gets the vapors, Jennet becomes the guest of honor and poor Thomas falls helplessly in love. Luckily, Jennet has fallen for him too; and when the so-called murder victim is found alive and inebriated, Thomas can’t be hanged. The family, having grown fond of Jennet, and with no proof of her witchcraft, leaves the question of hanging until morning, but Justice Tappercoom indicates he will turn a blind eye if she escapes. Jennet convinces Thomas that a life with her is worth putting off his hanging, and they run away together as dawn rises.

Mrs. Klein

An HB Studio Production

Playwright: Nicholas Wright

Director: William Carden

Cast: Uta Hagen, Ellen Parker, Amy Wright

Lighting: Chris Dallos Set: Ray Recht Costume: Julie Doyle Sound: Robert Auld Production Stage Manager: Vienna Hagen Technical Director: Carlo Adinolfi Properties: Charles Kirby Assistant Costume Designer: Susan Gerard Assistant Stage Managers: Joseph Amorando, Diana Gong, Gi Joong Han, Yoko Takagi, Line Sandsmark Hair Consultant: Bobby H. Grayson House Managers: Glen Berman, Kathryn Cullison, Elyse HF Maxwell, Gregary Pilot, Trudy Sterbl

Mrs. Klein was performed March 11th – 12th, 15th – 19th, 22nd – 26th

Synopsis: Witty, taut and rich in psychological insights, Mrs. Klein tells of a brilliant and unorthodox woman whose single mindedness threatened to destroy those closest to her. Melanie Klein 1882 1960 came to Britain from Berlin to extend psychoanalysis to young children. The action is set in 1934 when, at the peak of her career, Mrs. Klein is shattered by the news that her son has died in a climbing accident. Her daughter, also a psychoanalyst who publicly challenges her mother’s theories, thinks he committed suicide to defy their overbearing mother. The battle between these two women spills over into their professional lives, and the childhood events which lie at the heart of the conflict are exposed while a third remarkable woman, a young psychoanalyst on the run from Hitler, enters as a detached observer. Mrs. Klein transferred to the West End after its sell out run at London’s Royal National Theatre and has since been internationally acclaimed.