Uncle Philip’s Coat

An HB Studio Production

Playwrights: Matty Selman, Larry Block

Director: Marcia Jean Kurtz

Set: Ray Recht Lighting: Chris Dallos Stage Management: Vienna Hagen Costume Design: Chris Field Artistic Director: William Carden Technical Director: Carlo Adinolfi Assistant Set Designer: Andris Krumkalns Associate Stage Manager: Avocado Pitt Assistant Stage Managers: Gene Kuhn, Madelyn Haward

Uncle Philip's Coat - HB Studio

Uncle Philip’s Coat was performed November 5th – 9th, 13th – 16th, 20th – 23rd

Synopsis: A young man inherits a tattered coat from his Uncle Philip, a Coney Island peddler who survived a pogrom. What begins as the young man’s journey to rid himself of the decrepit garment ends up in revelations about his family’s history. He finds new meaning in his own life as the old coat becomes the sacred coat of dreamers.


An HB Special Showcase of a Work-in-Progress

Playwright: Maria A. Suckaite Marina - HB Studio

Director: Jonas Jurasas

Cast: Laura Esterman

Marina was performed December 2nd – 4th

A play based of the poetry, diaries, and letters of Marina Tsvetaeva.

Boy Dies Dancing Mambo

An HB Studio Performance

Playwright: Arthur Giron Boy Dies Dancing Mambo - HB Studio

Director: Elinor Renfield

Cast: James Doerr, Felix Solis, Olivia Negron, Forrest Compton, Eddie Lew, Miguel Melendez

Set: Edmund A. LeFevre Lights: Chris Dallos Sound: Robert Auld Costume: Christine Field Stage Manager: Vienna Hagen

Boys Dies Dancing Mambo was performed March 28th – April 13th, 1996

The Young Girl and the Monsoon

An HB Studio Staged Reading

Playwright: James Ryan



The Young Girl and the Monsoon was performed during the 1994-1995 season

Synopsis: Growing up is hard to do particularly if you are a pre-adolescent girl in Manhattan living with a photo-journalist father reeling from a messy divorce. Constance is a thirteen-year-old torn by life and stretched between parents, struggling through those daunting rites of passage which none of us finds easy. Things aren’t all smooth-sailing for her father, Hank, thirty-nine, who is attempting to provide an anchor for Constance, while also working to get his own life into some kind of order, especially regarding his recent serious relationship with a younger woman, Erin, twenty-six. If Constance has only Hank for guidance, then Hank only has Giovanna, thirty-eight, a tempestuous colleague and genuine friend, with whom Hank has an off and on (chiefly off) affair. This romantic comedy turns on Hank’s efforts to find enough room in his life for both Constance and Erin, and achieve the balance and maturity that have, so far, eluded him.”

Left on Flatbush

An HB Studio Staged Reading

Playwright: Rick Lieberman Left On Flatbush - HB Studio

Director: Susan Einhorn

Cast: Larry Block, Arthur Francesco, Peter Smith

Set: Ray Recht Lighting: Chris Dallos Costume: Muriel Stockdale Sound: Robert Auld Production Stage Manager: Vienna Hagen Technical Director: Carlo Adinolfi Fight Choreographer: Ian Marshall Assistant Set Designer: Andris Krumkalns Assistant to the Director: Tony Martinez Assistant Stage Manager: Julie Cook House Managers: Trudy Steibl, David Adams, Glen Berman, Danette Pachtner, Gregory Pilot, Stephanie Sundine

Left on Flatbush was performed May 11th – 12th, 16th – 19th, 21st – 26th



Geography of a Horse Dreamer

An HB Studio Staged Reading

Playwright: Sam Shepard



Geography of a Horse Dreamer was performed during the 1994-1995 season

Synopsis: Betsy sings, Jeremy plays, and Josh watches in this play about love, lies and piano teaching. Jeremy, a young musician who tutors spoiled, rich kids to make ends meet, tells his friend Josh that a student’s mother, a third rate junior miss Ann Bancroft straight out of ‘The Graduate’, is being suggestive. Josh is a former musician who has become a sedentary voyeur with a torch of his own. Envious of Jeremy’s domestic bliss with Betsy, he urges Jeremy to go forward with the encounter. Betsy, a proof reader by day and a jazz singer by night, is waking up to her husband’s and her own restiveness when a smooth record producer offers her a ticket to hear Koko Taylor at the Blue Note while offering Jeremy a trip to the west coast for sound track auditions. Josh, left to protect Betsy against Zev the wolf, suffers a conflict of passion of his own.

Below the Belt

An HB Staged Reading

Playwright: David Dresser


Below the Belt was performed during 1994-1995 season

Synopsis: Judd Hirsch starred in this hilarious Off Broadway comedy set in a soulless corporate world. Dobbitt has been posted to a dismal, distant place, a grim industrial compound that uncomfortably resembles a prison where his quarters have bunks (one freezing cold and the other boiling hot), a table, and an ancient typewriter. He is a checker; he checks though he has no idea what is being made with an irascible coworker who has been in this place for years. Their inept boss possesses a singular talent for fomenting dissent. The comic interplay among these men, one bullying and truculent, one ambitious and evasive, and the third a trembling mass of insecurity and arrogance, is irresistibly funny. As they comically maneuver in their pointless quest for status, sinister little animals encroach on the compound.