Adona Butler

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When teaching voicework, I seek to genuinely meet students within the immediate moment, within the highly creative process of mutual authentic expression, communication and exchange. Voicework technique can become an entry and pragmatic backbone upon which the artist relies to unfold and ultimately freely voice one’s unique individual and shared humanity.  This is the invitation.  The voice is release of ourselves, and our characters, onstage or off in action.  Voice expresses both immediate need and thought sourced deeply from within the body.  On the best of class days, students and I have learned to dissolve any impediment, physical or otherwise, to that rich endeavor of voicing ourselves into the whole of the space and in return, begin to truly listen to one another.


Adona Butler is a certified Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®, actor and director. An enthusiast for the art of acting (BFA, Carnegie Mellon University), she is particularly interested in Fitzmaurice Voicework® as an excellent foundation and entry into character from the authentic life energy of each actor/individual/voice. Her graduate studies in psychology (MSP, University of Santa Monica) furthered her unique perspective for inviting compassionate communication between the body, mind and spirit of each individual, and among community, as a pathway to greater equanimity, effectiveness and creative expression. Acting credits NY: FAR AWAY (New York Theatre Workshop), NIGHT OF THE IGUANA, THE RAINMAKER. Regional: SIMPATICO (Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre), TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL (Provincetown Repertory Theatre), FUTURE HOLLOW (collaboration with Gip Hoppe), TALE OF TWO CITIES and THE BUTCHER’S DAUGHTER (collaboration with Wendy Kesselman).