Liz Eckert

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Teaching Statement

“Non-native English speakers and actors may feel self-conscious about pronunciation and afraid of being misunderstood. Grammar, vocabulary, and speech training help, but feeling like a native speaker requires more. In our Acting in English class we explore the subconscious connection to words, the musicality of speech, and the playfulness of communication. In this way you can find the full power of your voice in English. Drawing from the Linklater voice work and the stream of consciousness writing of Gertrude Stein, our workshop guides you toward an embodied connection to acting and speaking in English.” – Katya Pronin & Liz Eckert


Liz Eckert is a performer and a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher. She grew up in an English-speaking household but found greater freedom and confidence as a speaker in her early French classes and school plays. This led her to earn her BA in Theater and French from Connecticut College, culminating in a prize-winning bilingual honors thesis performance. At Columbia University’s MFA Acting Program, she studied with world-renowned voice instructor Kristin Linklater and Andrea Haring, Associate Director of the Linklater Center for Voice and Language. She has been teaching voice and speech in New York for ten years, and is happy to return to HB Studio.